Weekly MMD’er Review#2: Yasai Pantsu (野菜パンツ)

Blog: http://yasaipanntu.blog.fc2.com/

FC2: http://video.fc2.com/en/a/member?mid=92565019

Every hentai MMD artist usually has some sort of specialty or preference in their creations, usually it’s a preference for certain model types which they’ve tweaked to perfection.

Yasai Pantsu(野菜パンツ, literally “Vegetable panties”) is one such person. His model of choice is a heavily customized NJXA model imported from 3d Custom Girl, while most 3DCG girls are just plain unattractive, he has customized her to stand among prettier, detailed models; combining a cute baby face with a slim curvy body most boys go ga-ga over.

There seems to be no actual mention of the girl’s name so if she does possess any moniker it’s usually along the lines of “Yasai Pantsu’s NJXA girl”

For me, I call her the Bottle Butt Bunny

for some reason, there are the ads I’m seeing when I got to his blog…foreshadowing?

You heard me right.

Yasai Pantsu’s signature creativity in his works is the dash…no not a dash, but heaping spoonfuls of tongue-in-cheek humor of having a huge bottle up the girl’s ass.

Normally large insertions aren’t really my thing unless high levels of perversion have already been built up. But this guy executes it in the same way you’d see in a saturday morning cartoon, with all the histrionic humor that comes when something huge is shoved up someone’s ass.  Such humor allows me to enjoy something that I’d usually go “uhh…”

At some point in most YP videos, it usually starts with the girl dancing to some well-known beat, with her clothes disappearing slowly (done to the sound of a whipcrack, some flashy motions, and camera work) and finally when all of her important bits are exposed, wait for it! There goes the wet, squelching sound everyone came to see… and out comes that wtf bottle, you know, the kind of PET bottle you’d see from 2 Liter bottle of soda, coming out of her ass!

How that came thorough her digestive system in that position is totally beyond me

But it doesn’t usually drop to the floor, whether its just the hentai magic in the air, or her sheer muscle control the bottle thrusts in an out rapidly, somehow making the girl cum because…according to hentai logic, girls have a shitty sense of pleasure, pun intended.

This is just not the usual “your mind will fill in the gaps for you that the girl does have an asshole” His model has a working, distending anus complete with the warm pink insides.  Note that this was done way before models with manipulable vaginas were available in mmd, so don’t be fooled by the otherwise simple look of his earlier works.

And now for the backgrounds, I’m very particular about these things, nothing kills the eroticism for me more than some girl being practically in a sealed protected vacuum. Due to the quality of his work and animation and LOTS of customized animations, might I add, (the girl reacts to the bottle or whatever oversized object is in her) it more than enough makes up for the deceptively simpler backdrops.

This is an optical illusion, if you look carefully; you will see the excellent particle effects that occur when she kicks at the water (not pictured) adding realism to the scenes…not like you’ll need it.

Water reacts with physical contact, and his use of the water.fx files to make realistic puddles on the floor (by rain, and not from girl juice) give his stages a very organic feel that I appreciate.  Pedestrians and cars travel along the streets and excellent use of lighting really brings out the realism in his outdoor backgrounds.


No, I’m not going to conclude this with some number indicating a ranking. I don’t work that way. All in all, Yasai Pantsu is like the Ogenki Clinic of the HMMD world, it’s sexual and hilarious at the same time, making his videos really fun to watch, in every meaning implied.

Guess she’s graduated from bottles now…

One thought on “Weekly MMD’er Review#2: Yasai Pantsu (野菜パンツ)”

  1. I concur with almost everything here. 野菜パンツ has a very unique style and his videos are always fun to watch. The fantastic quality of the visuals in his works combined with the over-the-top humor make for very enjoyable viewing. The model and her motions are very appealing, and the comedic impact of the huge insertions often leads to a final result that is tantalizingly sexy yet orgasmicly funny.

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