Weekly MMD’er Report#3: Holyshiryu, and a Lesson on Controlled Nudity

Warning: Sorry Alice fans, but Naruko’s going to feature in more videos. =w=;;

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Holyshiryu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Holyshiryu
FC2: http://video.fc2.com/en/a/member?mid=73062700

If you’ve never heard of this guy, then first of all…WELCOME TO THE HENTAI MMD COMMUNITY!

And now before anyone says: “Oh come on, youtube is going to be watered down stuff!” Trust me, his “harder” works are pretty much cutting it close because it doesn’t NEED to be that hardcore, which I’ll explain in a bit.

Holyshiryu’s a favorite among the english-speaking community, and you can’t blame him. Kakomiki’s Alice just looks so good…and you know a model is that good when many people take the time and effort to customize the model into some sexier costume than the one she came in. Just look at the TDA models…people wouldn’t invest that much into making their ad nauseam edits if the model’s body and face weren’t that alluring enough.

So what makes his works different compared to the rest who also use the same cookie cutter motions? I know some are going to say “the quality is nice” or “he somehow makes her look sexier.”


How does he make her look sexier?

After watching his vids, here’s a couple of things that I do notice, and things you could put to use in your own works at all.

When you eschew the flashy backgrounds and effects, you need to make use of a really good looking model (on the other end of the spectrum, I’m selling the event itself, not just the model).

For purposes of hentai this must mean some good taste when it comes to editing. Complete nudity (and we’re going to discount stockings and gloves on this one) is like capslock; DON’T OVERDO IT UNLESS IT’S REALLY RELEVANT TO THE SCENE.

Many people jump into the complete nudity bandwagon because it’s nice eye candy, but consider the fact that you won’t be the only one who made a naked miku video using the same motions and same camera.(This is why I completely avoided Sweet Devil and Lamb like the plague).

Strip her naked if she’s the only girl being ogled at in a room full of boys, strip her naked if you want to add some kind of subliminal message of vulnerability or complete exposure, strip her if you want to create a scene of looking into her inner self, Strip her once you’ve created hype with the censored version.

As I said, before making a video about some model dancing naked to some track that’s been used before to some motion that’s been seen ad nauseam… you’re going to have to improvise, especially when the audience has seen every nook and cranny of her.

How do I see Holyshiryu’s videos? I see it as an effective way to critique how little design changes to a character can totally change your view. Suddenly you want to see up her skirt if that’s a band-aid or not. Suddenly, you’re wondering if her top is going to fade away magically to show covered up nipples. His videos actually are stronger when they tease rather than show.  Now don’t take the “tease” par as bad, but remember, everyone knows what Alice looks like naked.

This sort of creates more opportunities in the hentai MMD “economy”; since he doesn’t need to show any more skin than he has to. It’s kind of like a gateway drug, you smoke some Holyshiryu before moving onto harder MMD’s with actual nipples and sex.  He’s already sold you into how great Alice or Naruko’s body is, and now you have a need to find more hardcore videos of them.

How does this affect me as an MMD artist? First, I get to see different motions but in the right mood. Watching the same motion done by a fully dressed character in a long gown and skirt doesn’t tickle my ecchi part of the brain compared to a half-dressed Naruko does, there’s a reason gymnasts wear those thin little leotards you know; so you can see proper body posture. And in the same context, having them seen of as completely naked, while good for a while, in a simple video with little to no effort in putting in any sort of established setting, won’t arouse that much interest in me either.

In his case, he lets the body be the establishment of a setting. He’s got the girl(s) dressed provocatively, that catches your attention. And now you keep watching hoping to see even more if it.

And that, is how you make a simple, and effective ecchi MMD.

3 thoughts on “Weekly MMD’er Report#3: Holyshiryu, and a Lesson on Controlled Nudity”

  1. Very interesting thoughts on this artist, and his methodologies. I do fully get your meaning in this article, and respect your admiration for his work. I do want to say, though, that I do enjoy your nudes, and hope to see more of them. The way you modify your models is so subtle compared to others it’s as though you are clothing them in nudity, in a sense. I never really cared much for the insertions, but all the rest you have done with your models is magnificent.

    1. Thank you so much! (^ w ^)y as a matter of fact the next work is going to be youtube-friendly. Also not having to do insertions can mean a lot easier work for me (since that means eschewing the subtleties of having them interact with the girl in the first place)

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