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Progress Report: Different Costumes, Different Sets

Yesterday I was more focused on cleaning up the sound quality to get a nice balance between the music, the reverb, the audience sound, as well as other sound effects.

I sure had to take quite a number of breaks to give my ears a rest and while doing so began experimenting with various slideshow scenes I could use.

So I’m thinking of how to justify how to connect that scene at the “zoo” and then at the classroom, it sort of got me thinking that maybe they’re in the film club, but it just feels so weird to have them grinning on stage while their movie posters have them with their eyes closed, gasping with an ashamed expression, it kinda reduces the impact of those pictures.

While I’m figuring those out, I’ll continue on with the adding more scenes of the girls in different setting and costumes and am currently thinking of a fantasy themed one next.

Part of the reason I want images of them in different costumes is to prevent their clothes from blending in on the subscreens. I could just replace their onstage costume to just nude except for some jewelry and high heels but those costumes look really nice and if I could have the subscreen videos of them in costumes that show more skin, that would be having the best of both worlds.

Anyway I’ll continue on with tinkering with various scenes and by then I’ll have figured out how to tie everything together.

Pun intended.


This is one for me looks pretty well since it says a lot without having to add more. This one definitely stays.

The second picture could use a redo, I’m thinking it should be like a proper show instead of just some few people in a classroom. Obviously it looks like it’s going to be a  “school sex slave” set so let’s see what can be done with the next one. Btw, this is going to the bottom-row slide show (visible when not in low angle shots of the dance scene) so the top-row slideshow is going to need another set of it’s own as well.


I could get started on the other choreographies, for Minagi’s set as well as Ayane’s set. So that means finalizing the stage which at this point, the DJ is the last piece that needs to be decided on. My current stand-in really doesn’t fit no matter if it’s going to be a retro80’s anime feel, or a 70’s sexploitation feel, or a modern feel.

Once Minagi and Ayane’s sets are made, they can have their own different slideshow sets instead.

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