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Pixiv 628 and the other side of Kuro’s Room

neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4 628th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4







And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


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I Think I Deleted a Post by Mistake

I’m scratching my head too in wondering where it went. So as a result I put up the last post’s Pixiv Daily Entries as well so you could catch up on other people’s ugoira lists.

Interrupt Intro Sequence Done (Mostly)


It’s now been a dying tradition of mine to begin the video with an unrelated clip before going into static and then showing the main feature. Just like in H2S, this begins with an apparently G-rated watered down version of Kuro’s show before it suddenly cuts to the awesome version.

So basically the intro of the watered down show hardly even starts before the static burst comes in, but I am keeping my options open to satirize butchered localized versions of otherwise great anime.

As for other progress reports, I’m still focusing on Kuro’s house scenes with the low-level gang and will be using it as a reason for Rin to make her public appearance, because you know in hentai, it’s tradition to make stupidly stacked and unfair cumming contests.

I’d be tempted to meta up the conversation but that’s just being pretentious in my writing ability.

Now onto more progress reports: I’ve completed all the necessary shoots for Kuro’s room scene and now am working to show what Kuro is looking at, and it’s not just the cameras

It’s this.

And that answers the stupidly stacked, unfair cumming challenge for Kuro, with the whole premise of “whoever cums X number of times”(what? this is hentai, of course everybody’s body holds an infinite amount of water to cum buckets) will not be subjected their silly overdramatic esteem-destroying punishments.

And as you can see, Rin doesn’t look like she’s going to output more than Kuro, but, who knows? Maybe she likes it there.

This means having to decorate that room a little to match Kuro’s side of the scene, but what about the rest of the house?

The current idea is that Kuro and Rin are made to ditch class to entertain this low-level gang of baddies, supervised by the heel girls of course.

In canon, Kuro’s on the wealthier end of the spectrum, but for this project I’m going to play up her “ordinary girl when not being a superhero” bit and just give her a regular-looking place. Or an upper-middle-class house setting. I now have a good assortment of such stages to use, as well as a selection of hallways, living rooms, and bathroom stages.

Belatedly I think before cutting to Kuro’s room I should show a shot of a door with a sign on it that says it’s Kuro’s.

Other possible scenes I could show are other people lounging about in her house and yeah, raiding her fridge for stuff. Vandalizing is something I won’t do since 1.) that requires a whole lot of editing and 2.) plotwise, if they can hide evidence that they were around, Kuro wouldn’t have a reason to get grounded or scolded and thus have a more open schedule to entertain them.

Which brings up the question which characters I could use as stand-ins for her on-screen parents. At least one of them has to make people laugh just by being that stand-in.

I think a joke has to be made of this somehow. I keep thinking of that stereotyped Dad character in American sitcoms who are content with reading the newspaper and goes “how’s schoolwork, Kuro? Eh? fighting giant aliens today? That’s nice dear, be back before dinner so as not to upset your mother, alright?”

And what about the bratty little brother trope? Every heroine’s got to have that annoying little shit to make their lives miserable, or the annoying elder sibling.   I’m open to it, but only if I find a good reason for them to contribute to the scene. Such as maybe a retired heroine who’s so feared by others yet is so accomodating to the villains that the only reason they pick on Rin is because they don’t want to push their luck.

“What’re you doing to Kuro? Oh you defeated her? Fair enough…that’s in the rules. Hm? You want her to do a show? Ehhh…lemme think about it. Welp, kiddo,  I warned you about this stuff, it’s the only way you’ll learn.”

Other ideas for scenes: Kuro gets shown around the heel girls’ other previous conquests. Because it’s a tour of what the villains do there’s a lot of freedom to show other H scenes, but somehow that would just feel like filler considering what they’d be doing to Kuro and Rin is pretty sufficient to know that they’re evil and perverted.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves and finish stabilizing Rin’s yuri scene with the other girls first.

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