Project Rin Extended Teaser

I’ve generated enough content to provide for a longer, satisfying teaser, and now let’s get some elephants out of the room.

First, there’s an overlay to it. Truly, I really couldn’t care if someone reposts them elsewhere. However, I think that the perverts who end up watching those reposts need to know that there’s more coming in the future.

Second, I think I already discussed the merits of using the newer model as opposed to the old one, and I hope this video is sort of like a… tech demo of her capabilities, hurr hurr hurr hurr

Third, B-rolls and more of her scenes are still being generated. What you are seeing right now will probably comprise most of the video so if you are not interested in spoilers I suggest you do not watch this video.

Fourth, yes it’s not a joke video and aside from the overlay on it, that’s currently the audio and video settings that i will use on this project.

Fifth, Kanna and Chloe which you may have seen in my previous posts were not available in this video due to RAM constraints, MMD simply wouldn’t render with them around and as such they will need their own separate project. To be honest I prefer to work on Kanna but hey…. most wanted Rin instead. I could quickly replace her with Kanna and that wouldn’t take like ten minutes to do, really. But just saying. We could have all had some delicious ravioli but then again, Rin’s 2nd project has been outstanding for quite some time due to lack of ideas on her part.

I really never seen anything interesting with her, nor was interested in her series. After all, there were already other manga and anime out there that had more balls in doing stuff especially in the outright hentai category that it felt like settling for mcdonald’s when you have haute french cuisine at a much closer place.

but still, the only thing stopping me with the request was to get some ideas and currently, it’s to show off her capabilities (as well as to benchmark the abilities of my new computer)!TxMhSIqC!SI7FgjafhmUadFYhmVyKsv6qbhYNLerchBbV_VJ0zGE

Sharing this page is not recommended, just the direct DL link and the Recommended Password Hint below for whatever

What is the velocity of an unladen swallow flying over Mount Everest in 1666 in exact Tibetain measuring units?

You gotta show me how others will try to solve that XD

but the password is owo

So there you go, a teaser, and some ammunition in the forums to get a laugh while they solve for the wrong answer.

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