In case you didn’t know…

I’m still doing MMD’s but they’re the “you can show to youtube” variety. Besides, it kinda gets tiring seeing the same old polygons move around. It was fun at first but then it got tedious.

As the old saying goes, there’s a reason the stripper doesn’t take everything off. It just makes things look better. Besides, imaginations don’t run as heatedly if everything is shown in all its…painted on glory.

So some might ask “why are you doing this?” my answer to that? I don’t see any like that. Underneath some models are anatomically correct parts. I thought it would be fun to flaunt them around. But things like these cannot be enjoyed en masse. You just take a little of it and move on, otherwise, it loses it’s meaning as a thrill.

And it’s much better to tease more people.

Now as for the status of the links… part of why I’m not reuploading is because my bandwidth is being used for something else. Another is that, there’s a growing rate of views here. When this page loses it’s status as an underground society and into a common place, the meaning is lost in all of this.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop completely. But just don’t expect to see anymore models running around with nothing on. Trust me, it gets old very quickly, and I’m going to save you from that upcoming boredom.

What I can upload are the original vids of my youtube releases. Some of them get taken down for taking a step or two beyond the border without breaking them and ALL OF THEM GET BUTCHERED IN TERMS OF QUALITY.

However, I will never stop in considering a possible place to upload them to,. I’ve tried Nico Nico Douga which a bit more daring that youtube but I’ve yet to find any success, as the site is in japanese I keep running into some modicum of error that prevents them from uploading, I’ve yet to figure it out.

but I suppose the biggest offender to uploading ANYTHING is the size of the files. They’re UNREASONABLE,. A simple five minute show takes a GIG and HALF. I don’t know what program can I use but I refuse to SPEND A CENT to acquire something that will help, it’s unreasonable.

Anyway, rant’s over. Feel free to reach me via facebook or youtube just to chat or say hi.


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