Pixiv 625, Moving up a few Decades, Timeline Cha-cha

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And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


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The Timeline Cha-Cha

As I’m adding motions to the crowd doing their stuff, I’m ping-ponging my way back and forth the timeline creating their interactions with each other and trying to put as much time as I think is needed for them to say stuff.

This is important as more than just filler space, it allows for interesting dialogues to appear. There’s more than just about them talking about what’s going on right now (jeering or cheering the scene before them) but they could also be talking about other events that could just be as good.

So yes, I’m totally sold into the whole dialogue thing when normally I would prefer going silent.  But in my defense, the whole video is supposed to look like one of those cheesy cartoon hero shows so it’s not expected to be anything sophisticated anyway.

Forward the Genre by a couple of decades (but it’s still retro enough)

One of my goals was to have it emulate the feel of older retro movies with 60-70’s era themes. However, after looking up some anime, it seems better to be in the 80’s to 90’s range. And when you think of it, those older eras were actually quite unabashed and (rightfully) free of any reservations for sexy time compared to their 80’s – 90’s counterparts.

And they’re much goofier too.


but it’s supposed to look like animu and mango right?

Well let’s look at some old ones

I think I got it. 90’s era anime intro is basically a photoshoot on steroids.

So now I know what to be watching/listening to while working on this project for more tips. It’ll be better once I find one that actually helps dissect the known tropes they use.

Back to work now

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