Physics Tests and Academy Antics

It’s one thing to get watch the 3d models in an empty file but sometimes it pays to check how things look, so I gave it a dry run and after a couple of tests, I finally got the quality of physics i wanted.

It’s not perfect, but I do have to say they pretty much sway and jiggle very satisfactorily enough.

I’m thinking of changing the colors of the girls’ uniforms to something else, maybe white so they stand out more in the background and it’s a very easy thing to do.

So what’s the premise for this project?

I’m thinking of some military academy antics and the losers will have to submit to the winners for some fun. This way I can justify them looking like bad-asses in any action scenes yet still be legit captives. How? Simple, the three girls are really good but in the end a mock battle, like a real one is still a team effort, so they’re carrying the team but there’s only so much three talented aces can do.

Then of course, the three of them being cute and all is reason why the winners want to play with them so much, probably to the point of wanting to make them defect.

And of course it’s all in that academy’s weird traditions, probably as incentive to make the cadets try their best.

Which means I need to change the girls’ expressions from happy to more frowning or embarassed.

So that’ll be stuff I’ll be adding to my list of scenes to do:

  • Scenes of Minagi, Ashley, and Ayane in a more decent version of their military gear doing awesome stunts (hopefully)
  • The same as above but this time in their ecchi uniforms, either working with their old team or as part of the enemy team, or just doing action scenes for entertainment.
  • Ecchi scenes, duh! Probably with simulated “interrogation” for the next mock battle.
  • Change their expressions to just simply smiling inanely

See as much as I would like to make it a whole world of CMNF, that is just way, way too many girls to edit.

The other idea is…

Minagi, Ayane, and Ashley are Earthlings who have somehow stowed away in an alien spaceship. The aliens (who look and act human in every single way) decide to try to embarass them out of their ship, or it’s just a silly custom for inferior civilizations because as we all know, earth is a very culturally backward place.

Or… it’s set on the aftermath of an alien takeover and earthlings go around like that. Ergo, those three girls are the only earthlings and the rest are aliens.

Either way, I’m thinking of a way to distinguish those girls from the other. The whole thing involving aliens is silly enough but we’re talking about naked dance shows which is way easier to believe than silly traditions.

However, there are other things to consider.

First of all, I’ve been wanting to use that funk rock retro music, those old timey 50-70’s era and it makes me think of superheroes, secret agents, and super villains. Explorers on a spaceship, or a regular ship…

So maybe it can these three superheroes run afoul of some evil organization…well okay but that doesn’t explain the brightly lit stage, that sounds more like the antics of a clownish or flamboyant villain…let’s call him/her the very (un)original name “The Ringmaster” so in other words the outfits they’re wearing in the dance floor are just in theme of the Ringmaster’s line of themed crime.

Which means the girls are going to need a different heroine outfit.

So maybe that’s it, a team of three heroines who run afoul of some circusy themed villain or something like that.

And then there’s the scrapped idea of their school losing in some sports competition and as a sort of deal they’re now going to entertain the winners?

But hey I am interested in doing something other than just the figurative gun to the head and of course i’m not interested in just slutty dick-craving girls; it’s got to be that nice in-between.

And I think there’s one nice compromise, you know those movies where the star crossed lovers belong to opposing factions? But let’s skip the Romeo and Juliet balcony scenes and head over to Juliet living over in Romeo’s place and… huh, that’s called Cinderella. Or Triplerella because there’s three of them.

Wonder who that Romeo could be?


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