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It’s good to see people are learning now in how to properly stage a dance in the box. But now, what’s trending is the incorrect use of model accessories.

A pareo/sarong/waist wrap only works well if the girl is wearing a bikini, just having her wear only a sarong doesn’t make sense. The whole idea of it was to make the girl look a little more modest.

And the fact that its transparent only reinforces the fact that it’s supposed to go with a bikini. It would have been better if she was wearing instead a very tiny thong or a transparent one instead.

The one time you’d expect to see a woman topless but wearing a skirt would be if she was some kind of tribal girl but none of her accessories suggest that. It’s a bad mix and it clashes painfully with the eyes.

The whole idea of pointless clothing is that it makes the stuff it covers look great while the stuff it doesn’t…it accentuates and contrasts with

dark knight erin2

There’s no point in the waist wrap being there, it’s not even a tease considering you can see through it, all it does is disrupt her outline, which is something you do not want to do especially when you are trying to tiltillate.

If the idea was to make it a bottomless video, then she should be wearing her regular clothes sans panties and have the camera always low or have her do a lot of moves that flip her skirt up.

Toplessness can be a thing, but that only works great if the girl’s bottom is well silhouetted, but only if she’s wearing panties and nothing else because it creates the image that she is just one more notch before being completely nude. Or because her shirt was pulled up or ripped open… you know, clothing damage. But when it comes to omission there are rules to be followed.

Skirt comes off first, then the top, bra comes off next, then the panties. These are the rules to sexy stripping. Airin may not have taken off her jacket in the Airin vs. Alice video but that’s okay because her jacket is open anyway. So she takes off her shorts first, then pulls her bra, then strips her panties. It looks better that way.

So, overall, it got the stage right but the character’s accessory was just a massive hindrance. There’s a great many other things that would have been a better alternative; a teddy bear backpack or something… anything would have fit well with that brightly colored kiddy-looking background it’s playing in.

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