Review of ビバハピ-2haku-gc-1

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There we go, someone who finally knows what stage to use for a dance in a box video. It’s pretty to look at and is appropriate for the performers costumes…not that alice crap in the empty dance hall or those countless empty pool videos.

This is how you do a dance in a box video. It still requires careful camera work and not the crap that exits the stage to reveal everything floating on a void. This one keeps the lens tight on the girls and the stage, further adding to the surrealism of the stage.

When all the elements are working harmoniously it pulls the viewer in, the stage not only contributes to the girl’s appearance but it also looks complete, as opposed to the arrogance those dance hallers use by expecting dance halls in real life not to use bright strobing effects

Here let me show you what a club looks like. I didn’t have to go to Ibiza, I just looked at youtube.

So if you can’t do that, do what lfgzmmd does and use stages that aren’t demanding but still stylish. They’re not hard to find, there’s tons of Project Diva stages out there. Accept your limits, you can’t surpass that which you don’t acknowledge.

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