Review of 【MMD】幽香Long-lupin

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Ok finally another one that did it right. This surreal reactor gets the dumb use of stages out of the way. Oh and look, it has effects too. Awesome.

Ok… I guess Lupin, has to be added to the list of things your models should be tested in, along with the bikini dance, as a way to test if your models’ breasts are bouncing correctly. They’re supposed to flop up and down.

Second, maybe it’s just me. But I’m not a fan of barefoot. Barefoot only goes well with completely nude. or in swimsuits, even then, only in the proper locations such as a pool. The kind of barefoot you get, the kind you’d see in a TDA model? just looks so weird to me. Sure it’s a sterile location and all but it looks better with a pair of shoes. Be they big business boots to contrast with her soft frame or high heeled shoes, which is contributes to her appearance.

Sorry barefoot fans, but shoes are not the enemy. Shoes tell a story. High heeled shoes sexualize a girl by a large amount, even if it’s just the only thing she’s wearing. Sure mary janes can help contribute to her cutesy persona if she was loli but for this lady? She looks better in high heels. ESPECIALLY when she has those lacy leggings and leather belts.

Everything in this video was done well but her bare feet really stuck out to me as a glaring flaw.

I’lll tell you one place she can be barefoot, if she was in bed and it was a sex scene.

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