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As I’ve said before, models alone do not make the video, and while everyone goes goo goo ga ga over how she breasts are so soft and pliable or how her pussy reaslitically reacts to penetrations and stuff it’s ironically these very elements that caused this video’s glaring flaws right off the bat.

And no, I’m not going to say that the background is too plain and stuff like that. Have you seen those amateur webcam pornos? This video could have been something like this. There was so much more things she could have done to flaunt her realistic features, things that are not difficult to do. Why not have the guy play with her breasts, or suck on them, or lick her pussy to get her wet, or rub it with fingers or get one inside her?

See the thing when you’re trying to get to this level of realism you’re going to have play by a lot more rules than you’d expect. Seriously we’re just going to have to expect she gets wet from having her nipples played with for a few seconds and then she just happen to get ready to have some large dick rammed into her? This video could have used way more foreplay to sell the idea of her realistic body parts.

Video is a visual medium, so we need that visual satisfaction of seeing her getting prepared for arousal and it needs more than just playing on two cylindrical groups of vertices. The only time you can skip this rule is that if it cuts to a sex scene where the old in-out is already taking place.

This is a case of getting victimized by it’s own success. The more realistic features demand more realistic situations to reach that visual satisfaction and it couldn’t cope with such a demand. Sadly, the artist’s animated pic in pixiv which featured another girl licking her nipples was far more erotic than this one.

So, to wrap up, it’s a great model but the features ended up being downplayed so ironically that this could only be seen as a demonstration video of her capabilities. But again, since it’s not like she’ll ever be up for distribution…which personally, I really have no interest in since her lack of a public distribution will inspire others to actually get off their lazy asses and get to work on emulating it… it doesn’t do well as a demonstration video, and doesn’t do well as a video for your regular viewing consumption.

Yes, I can hear the “how dare you not see this as the holy grail” because it’s not the holy grail of hentai. It might have had the potential to be so but those were not called on.

It’s like having a Superman movie, but having Supes only appear in the 10-second epilogue where Clark suddenly winks at the screen and says “I’m Superman”

or here’s a better example, think of the Transformers remake where it was 2% giant robots kicking each other’s ass, 30% awkward tween “i’m socially awkward” romance drama straight out of Twilight, and 68% emphasis on desert soldiers who have no business to be there and should have been killed by a stray bullet and should have been only mentioned in dialogue where no one was listening.

This video is the Transformers of the HMMD

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