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Creepy Silent Hill Nurses in a creepy Silent Hill Background, there you go, a character that matches the background, finally someone who gets it right. Was that so hard to do? Of course not, yet somehow many don’t seem to get this right.

Let’s think about this for a second, a fully naked character does have a lot of places to be: grasslands, forests, lakes, waterfalls, dungeons, strip clubs, swimming pools…the list goes on. The more clothing they have the more you need to be selective of the stages you can use. Something that I’ve mentioned many times.

Like I said, you can’t just pick any stage without thinking of it and hope it looks good. It won’t and it will never be.

Anyway now that I’m done with my rant about making Coherence for the N-th time. Let’s talk about the video.

Being fully naked and looking great in it is more than just being shapely. There’s still the emotional investment someone puts into them. The reason why 774 and my works on Hinata looked good had nothing to do with our skills…well ok sure it had to pass the parameters of a shapely body and such… but it wasn’t so much that Hinata that was naked but that it was Hinata herself. I mean, for those who know the series, the poor girl’s been the buttmonkey in the game of love, always being ignored it felt good seeing her finally get her wish come true. While that may have nothing to do with eroticism, it helps amplify it.

So when you get with an unknown like Airin or this girl (then again she might be an existing character I am simply unaware of) then you really have to get to work on the body. And despite this being hentai and all…sure you have to show tits, ass, and pussy. Granted. But still clothes can still help.

Sorry to say this but even the much hyped Montecore bodies are just a little on the imposing side as opposed to the sexy side, and that being in the body of an eldritch abomination or elder supernatural force doesn’t really help. Yes, yes I know, that’s information only a hardcore fan would know…but have you seen that face? Those angular shapes and those cat-like eyes, those are the eyes of a woman who would rip your dick off if you said the wrong thing in bed. They need to be feminized a bit more.

So nurse Creepy here was dressed really well. it flares out her lower area a little more, the clothes look complete in itself, there’s a charm when the clothes are Pointless clothes as opposed to “I’m actually just half-dressed”

Also, never mind Coherence, she’s in a Silent Hill world, and for those who know Silent Hill, there are no rules, everywhere is Nowhere.

Verdict: This video gets away with everything when it comes to nit-picking. It is Perfect. Get Over it.

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