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So apparently christmas started when Solid Snake uses his Delorian to give gifts to good children all over the world.

All this time I was thinking it was a fat man, but then again we all knew that Fatman is an agent of the Patriots and not a serial gift-giver as we all thought he is.

Anyway, silly thoughts aside, what can you say about watching? Snake with a santa hat, the Delorian, a naked girl jiggling about? What else could you say about it besides being silly?

Is it a silly video after all?

Well I guess it could be classified as absurd, but you see the thing about a time machine and a Hideo Kojima character being in the same scene, it’s an absurd amount of absurdity that it’s pretty much normal, for all we knew, the Patriots went back in time and made Naked Dancing a worldwide past time, uniting the world under the Boss’ Will.

Oh, wait, that is ridiculuous for you? Ok then, I guess the dress rehearsal videos aren’t, even if those same dress rehearsal videos use crowd sounds for a crowd that clearly isn’t there yet the camera still has the gall to pan around her back to show a lazy copy pasta arena.

And they said this video was silly, it’s far more interesting to look at. Whether or not Snake comes out to hump her is not important, we’re all just waiting there for Snake or anyone to do something interesting. Just like in the same vein people love their favorite makers of dance-in-a-box videos where stripping involves supernatural clothes that disappear when the camera isn’t looking…all of which is supposedly superior because it lets us focus on the model and crap like that.

So yeah, if this video is going to be called silly and not in a good way, well the so-called overhyped recommended videos are far more ridiculuous with their lack of effort.

Though I do have to say, being naked except for a pair of stockings only makes sense if you’re indoors and in your bedroom or dressing room. You don’t want to be wearing your stockings outdoors, that is just plain silly. Especially if you’re a woman. Nah-ah, girl! No self respecting lady would ever let her clothes get muddied like dat. You can show the goods, but you do NOT let dem’ stockings get muddied.

So to wrap this up. It’s an interesting video and it’s awesome, did the silly background people do anything interesting? You just have to see for yourself. Some may say it’s a cheap gimmick, but so are the so-called stripping which takes place off camera.

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