Review of Bakunyu Ondo

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Ok before I say anything, please check this video below first

you hear that? That’s the music you’d play in a Japanese Festival. This takes place in a beach, without any people in traditional garb, nothing that suggests it’s a Matsuri of any kind.  The sad this is that the music suggests a festival and it’s not being used in the trappings whatsoever.

When you have girls in a beach you want American surfer music or rock music or hip hop…Western music. There’s lots of songs you can use for this, but not the drum thumping festival theme.

So the setting is all wrong. I won’t talk about models, that’s for others to debate on. Personally for such large breasts you’d think they’d jiggle a bit more but the overall face and body shape isn’t my type but I’m leaving that part out. Hey, after all, some do want to insist that their tastes have to be respected…booty is in the eyes of the beholder and all that stuff. Ok, let’s not count the models then and stick with that else: the stage, the music, and the motion.

And if we do that then there really isn’t anything to say about this…

3DCG is very hit and miss. It’s not like the Im@s models where they have great bodies and faces that look weird when you look at them in profile view. Rather the 3D Custom girls have weirdly proportioned bodies and weirdly proportioned faces. And i may also know why they seem to love their 3d girls a lot when others find them weird. It’s simple, because in the game, the girl can interact with you, forming an affectionate bond.

Unfortunately, we don’t know about that one, so it makes us harder to like them.  Seriously, compare them to the other models, it’s really night and day.

3DCG has some really interesting tools, stages, and accessories, everything is great but the girls themselves are often so-so. As I said, I’m not counting the model quality… so my verdict would be….?

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