Don Deloro’s Pit Fatality

Watch the video here:

This video was done correctly, the stage was surreal and therefore didn’t require furnishings. See this is what I’ve been talking about about. Don’t use places that require a lot of furnishing and you’re not going to, if your capabilities can’t handle it use surreal stages like this.

And here’s where creativity comes into play, when the girl kicks the guy off, he ends up falling into the sea of clouds. That was brilliant, turning the background into something more than a static piece of decoration.

You don’t see this in the much hyped dance in a box videos.  Then again what do you expect with videos that don’t bother to change the textures in a CubP dance hall?

Ironic how this one surreal stage ended being more realistically used than the dead and tired empty dance halls, rave clubs, and performing stages out there.

Props to Don Deloro on this, that was simply brilliant.

I guess you could say, ( ‘ w’ )~■-■

Don Deloro’s Body to Body just had a little more depth (  ■ w■ )

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