Bob Beeb’s Reimu’s Poledance’s Review

You should watch this video.

What? I hear some say, whatever happened to me saying that a performance venue should be populated… don’t you see how dark that stage is? Look at that tent in the background and see how much it’s covered in shadow. That’ll do pretty fine, not a perfect score maybe, just add a shadow mob and it’ll be great.

Take note aspiring artists, this is the stage to use. It’s easier to make the mental connection of a crowd in shadow as opposed to that huge dance floor because it’s a dance club, i.e. a place where patrons dance as opposed to sit and watch someone.  Plus that stage just looks absolutely pretty. It’s got everything to set the mood: liquor, gold, and bright lights. You know what kind of entertainment that stage should have.

Now I have to say… if you’re going to show off your hentai models for distribution, this pole dance with this camera motion is the perfect way to show everything in a fun and dynamic way.

Oh and for those not familiar with the stage, he customized the marquee to read his name. So that was a good touch right there.

How come no one touts this video? Of all the dance in a box videos to hold up as great why not this one? A fully naked girl with the quintissential erotic dance, but noooo it had to be some skimpily dressed bimbo flashing her nipple for half a second, seriously?!

That is why I question the majority’s tastes.

As I said, I hope it was just trolling but the wording just didn’t seem that way, and that’s just sad.

So anyway, awesome video. And if it was just simply a way to show off an awesome new model for everyone to use…well that was already way above the expectations!

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