Review of Miku’s Donut Hole

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The thumbnail of the video shows a miku with her hands bound behind her back and dildos shoved into her holes. So when I found out that the video only shows that near the end… it wasn’t a disappointment. Yeah, some may find it to be a cheap trick but in the end, you watched it and you really enjoyed it.  Why?

You see the thing about stripping is that the default clothes the girl ends in shouldn’t be showing too much skin, yet at the same time not too covering as to make people roll their eyes and wait until they get a good look at her shapely figure. Miku’ starting outfit has the usual short skirt flashing her panties a lot and her top shows a lot of her back and is open enough at the front to get a good preview of what she’s going to look like without them.

And sure, the “magical vanishing clothes” maybe isn’t the most creative thing to do, but see how many times Miku straight up puts the Tease in Striptease when those clothes suddenly come back on. That was a good trick so the “magic” in the “magic clothes” was really put to good use, you’d almost want to chuckle to yourself saying “aaah what was I expecting? to see her strip everything now?”

Her facial expression changing into that “broken rape victim” eyes was also a good touch. It’s like she was traumatized and probably also traumatized by whatever method was used to coerce her into that she’s submitting anyway to avoid that PTSD trip; submissively bending over and letting the sex toys work their way in her.

Now about the background. Many videos that use corridor-like settings usually try to play with them, from making references to the twins at the end of the hall like in the The Shining, to making them endless, or having implausible things happen like a Scooby-doo chase scene.

Given the nightclub/motel setting of this stage, it would have been great to see people making out or bound slaves submissively being led on a leash by their customers, with sex toys humming inside their vaginas and anuses, their eyes downcast and their bodies spattered with semen, with a hint of dread in their step as they see something unspeakable waiting for them at the door, be it a huge gang of 50 people, a huge pig, or small pack of massive dogs.

Or if you don’t like that kind of Hijiri Kangoku Gakuen setting you can always go for a raunchy version of the Scooby-Doo chase

Just replace it with either naked horny girls chasing some protagonist like guy, or a bunch of sin sacks chasing down some girl obviously too small for their massive dicks. You, kinda like that hentai that had flying naked fat guys jumping out of trees. Geez, those guys should be careful, the might poke someone’s eye out

So anyway there’s more this video could have done. Let it be known that I am laying out that suggestion right here for everyone to see and read, let that be a challenge to you then, there better be that kind of improved version of this before –I– get to it.

So yeah, it’s a great video, so good it inspired me to think of a great idea. Sometimes, it’s not what’s in the video but what great ideas it can inspire people in. No no no, not the “this is terrible I could do a better job at this” kind.

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