Review of レヂィオ体操 Radio exercises

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Experience tells me that if there’s a video called Radio Exercise, and someone like Ikamusumefun was going to have their take on it, I was expecting something like this

So funny even tough guy Sonny Chiba has difficulty keeping a straight face.

What I got instead was… well it wasn’t that amusing, nor was it that sexy. But why?

See there are some activities when done naked just don’t look that sexy but look more like… being in tune with nature or your body…you know, Zen stuff, harmony.

You see the thing with having a perfect body and exercising, sure there’s the sexy take to it but at the same it also evokes awe at how perfect they look. It’s like having a naked girl fight in an arena full of monsters, sure her being naked is also sexy, but you also get the idea she’s kinda scary because… you don’t see a scar on that flawless skin of hers.

Now for those who are Japanese maybe you can help me with understanding this a bit, because this Radio Exercise appears to be a memetic thing. Therefore I am assuming it’s a cultural / mimetic humor because I’ve come across many variations of the Radio Exercise, such as a Japanese McDonalds version where it was composed of various clips of Ronald doing things that equate to the instructions…

So overall, it’s very likely that there’s a little more to this than what I’m seeing but like other westerners the humor is a little lost to me since I’m not sure what the original Radio Exercise meme is.

So the rest of us are going to settle for this as gym humor.

But it does bring up the question, how sexy can you make an aerobics/acrobatics video can be? Well the thing is, I’ve mentioned this before, it’s not the motion or the model or the stage that makes a scene sexy, it’s the situation. What is going here? What makes it “wrong”?

Being naked is just being naked. We shower naked and some people sleep naked, especially if they trust their heater. It’s being nude in places you are expected to wear clothes that makes it perverted.

It’s just like the swimsuit. People wear bikinis to beaches, everyone is nearly naked in a beach that’s not as sexy as a lone girl in a fantasy world wearing only a thong and armored gloves and boots while everyone is dressed head to toe in impressive armor (yet somehow she has a higher armor rating) that makes it sexy.

Let’s think of all the swimming pool stages used in MMD, from the never-filled pool stage to the resort pool stage… it could be a nudist pool for all we care. In which case, that pool stage was never helpful in the first place, it could have been anything.

Now compare this to the one where lesbian open-air seaside bar where Karen and Charlie are in. It’s a good combination of the nude girls and the tropical feel as well as them being something for dressed people to ogle at.

bathing lolis03 bathing lolis17

Creating the situation is far more important than how little dressed (if all) your model is. Think of the first Iron Loli video, do you think it was perverted because of what was going on or where it was being aired, or the fact that you had a shocked trio of characters who were stunned at by what they saw?

Sex videos have it easy, just put a bed and two people fucking like rabbits. But when it comes to performance art, it’s going to need a little more elbow grease. If this exercise video was meant to parody a video instructional, then a blank room would have actually been preferrable. maybe have a few perverted camera men get too close to her crotch or something.

Yup, this is one of the few videos that would have done better in a box.

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