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I kinda never got into the idea for futanari since… might as well put in a man there or a some meek shota, that’s what they pretty much amount to. Either it’s some girl too shy of her boy parts that another girls takes advantage of, or she’s bending over her friend and ramming herself in with a near-ahegao face I mean… well that’s the thing about girls, you gotta be creative.

Discipline is more like it, so what, if she doesn’t get any real pleasure ramming her rubber strap on dick, is it the need to be visually satisfied with a gooey explosion? …and to think people say Michael Bay’s explosions are overrrated but they all want cum shots…

So while it wasn’t my thing, it did make the futa girl look more like one of those shotas who dress like a girl. So seeing them finally act like a man and ram it in was… well it’s refreshing, I mean, you do want to see characters rise to the occassion.

.And for the BDSM girl, I was expecting she was going to take the brunt of the Love Rod, hurr hurr hurr. I also loved it when she did that very sexy and high energy motion as well, it kinda felt right that those in her setup would have the more sexual motions reserved for them. I always felt that in a mistress-slave relationship the slave girl will need to make herself at least move sexier to compensate for her mistresses’ gratuitous show of skin.

Why is that my preference? For me, when the mistress character has to dress in those stereotyped clothes it kinda ruins it for me. I know it’s meant to show that they mean business but there’s also power when they keep their frilly long-sleeved goth lolita dresses on. But some can say “but hey, how come it’s okay then for guys?” because it contrasts their figure with the girls, slim vs muscular or grossly obese, which is basically big vs small.  When it’s another girl, it just doesn’t really look that good. By making the mistress keep her frilly clothes on she makes the naked slave girl look sluttier.

And now for the sex scene, it looked a little on the underwhelming side. BDSM girl sure didn’t look the part at all. I was expecting her to be held down while futa girl rides her hard. But that motion, looked like a vanilla threesome, which means, they sacrificed her charming face for very little payoff.

This video has some interesting ideas going for it that deserve a remake. So, not exactly great but the great potential is there.




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