Review of Pink Lounge Sex

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“Oh it’s just a typical sex bar with the girls giving service” but there’s more to it. Teto’s not being over slutty or look coerced, in fact it looks like she enjoys her job. I really appreciate stuff like this. Without sounding like some femnazi, what was ever wrong with girls liking the idea of spending some time with the boy? If science taught me anything those body parts happen to have lots of nerves because hello…? Everybody hangs out at the copy machine in the office right? Of course there’s gonna be a lot of communicating in that area… if you catch my drift.

Even thought I do it, the fact is, coercion is always works better if there’s a back story to it. But some take the opposite road but have them go completely slut mode with ahegao faces…and what do most say? “I just want some girl to love me” you will get that if you actually start to love girls and not a caricature of one. You can’t feel for an exaggerated caricature because you can’t see their motivations besides sex. And strangely enough it’s their non sex motivations that can make things really sexy… and being sexy is all about looking sexual in situations that normally wouldn’t call for it… that was the whole idea why warrior princesses can be sexy with their bikini armor and all, it’s because they are either so vain or so skilled that they choose to wear useless armor, it looks great if they’re forced to wear it too but the bottom line is, if they can function despite all of that, then that is sexy. Same goes with high heels and short skirts. If  you put them on intentionally, then that’s being sexy (parkour and taekwondo skills nonwithstanding)

And the paradox is that when people start getting down to the dirty and sexy a lot of works suddenly fall flat on their face, why is this so? Most of the time, there wasn’t any build up of who they are and they’re all about. A lot of people, myself included think that if you simply make two people bumping uglies it’ll sort itself out. Actually it doesn’t… ever notice why it’s the dojinshi hentai that seems to break this rule? They aren’t. We know these girls, so what happens to thems is multiplied tenfold compared to some nobody.

I’ve talked about this before so how come Teto, someone with no backstory appeal so much to me? Simple, despite all what she’s doing, she’s not acting like some cum hungry whore, she’s just acting human…sex is great, fact.

But how come we can enjoy those who flash peace signs while letting men cum all over their face? Why? It works when it becomes clear they’re doing it to please.  The best kinds of facial for me are when the girl doesn’t have that “cum on my face” look on her, just that graceful look of accepting it, and no I don’t mean the submissive kind.

Ultimately it’s all about making your character as human as possible, and adding some semblance to sanity in the insanity of the premise. Remember, most of the best stories are about believable characters acting realistically in Extraordinary circumstances. Honestly? If I was in that fantasy bar and everyone was like overtly sexual like that… I would be creeped out, for my wallet’s sake that is. XD

Call it a preference but don’t you think it would be sexier if ordinary person was just being… a person and not a sexbot?

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