Review of Santa and Reindeer

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Atmosphere, setting up the atmosphere and mood of a video is very important. Consider how every movie tries to set things up with some soothing melody, kind of like a pre-meal drink that cleanses the palate and gets you ready for the action or magic to come.

It’s amazing how effects bring out the atmosphere that gets you interested in watching, something about the diffused tones and shading that brings out the magic in this one. I mean sure it’s one of those CubP Dance Hall flicks but somehow I ended watching it all. That’s effects for you, that’s atmosphere for you. A blurry view gives a dreamy hazy feel to it while sharp contrasts deliver the sensation of alertness, an urgency to it.

Watching this video felt like really watching a movie, there’s something about the color tones and contrasts to it that reminds me of watching older movies to it, maybe that’s why I didn’t start commenting on in here before it was finished.

Imagine all the videos that could have been vastly improved just by using those effects.

There’s also a lot of discipline in the camera work of this movie. It eschewed prolonging close ups and focused more on the scenery, Atorance definitely knew it was all about the atmosphere of the video and decided that far off shots were better to show off the whole scene.

Also the pictures at the back of the stage. I like the unequalness of how one Alice is shown fully clothed while the other is in a revealing ganguro look…maybe because she’s supposed to be Santa’s bitch, being the reindeer, and I also like how she’s not only less dressed but also does the more revealing movements, such as that high kick near the end, making a really good play on the slave and mistress trope.

I really can’t find anything wrong with this video. As for my judgement of this work, to quote Hideo Kojima…




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