Review of Miku’s Bare Singing

Watch the video here

I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of naked singing. The reason for this is that it seems really pointless. But I would like to point out this video because apart from being something I normally would not enjoy, the quality is very very good. A really surreal stage she’s in and this miku is definitely superior to any other version of herself, especially that spiral twintails she’s sporting.

So in terms of pure visuals this video pretty much hits the very high marks. So why don’t I enjoy this that much? Because of how the singing motion doesn’t mesh well with her nudity. There’s no reason for her to so, which might be fine, staring a nude pic of a girl is great and all regardless of the context but the fact that it’s a singing motion means she ends up covering herself, a lot, way more than you’d expect to see. If this was to be seen as an ecchi work then I guess it’s OK but still it feels like a really poor choice. There could have been many many other ways to use that song with her such as snippets of her streaking around getting a kick out of people’s shocked expressions¬† or simply strolling around scenery porn or doing things in her house naked or something… when you’re in complete fantasy land there’s no thrill to it… if there was a message to this song…well we’re not getting it. What’s the lyrics about? Honesty? Baring your soul?

Here’s a better way to describe this, imagine someone turns up the volume to 19. There’s this urge to put the volume to 20 or 15, you know, a nice number. The lack of reason or context for this seems like a glaring empty spot.

And for comparison’s sake, I mean I do enjoy playing games like X-blades with the nude patch on, but even that makes more sense if it was a fantasy world where such fashion is the norm, or if the girl was like some slave warrior like in Gun Katana needing to earn some points for her freedom and dignity back.

So if you really liked this video, it’s good and well but for me and some other seasons folks this really feels like it’s missing out a lot to it. Pretty Good though.


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