Review of Kaat and Luna’s Street Race

Watch the Video here

So I’m not going to talk about how good this video is with it’s use of b-rolls on the slower uninteresting parts of the choreography, but I do like the idea that it involves the girls doing some great… she’s sexy and she’s talented! Of course you’ll love her more!

And she’s good with the shift stick too.

As you can see this video uses both static and dynamic mobs. Not to nitpick or question the author’s ability but just to give some insight on when to use and when to avoid using static mobs.

Consider some of the stages in MMD that use static cardboard items…notice how they’re pushed at the very back, far behind the rows and rows of 3d objects?  Think of it this way… some basic psychology… the people who want to see the action will be the ones most likely to be up front and therefore the ones most likely to cheer and wave theirhands around while those farther at the back will the ones more likely to watch more sedately.

So long story short, as far as putting an audience goes; if you’re going to mix paper crowds with actual 3d models you need to push them a little further back, or put a little more actual models to block the eyes…what do I mean? The human eye notices motion first, so if there’s more things moving in the background have the more sedate ones placed at the back.

Alternatively, just have only static models and have them all placed further back, then keep the camera far away from them. Human eyes really work in strange ways but basically, far from your own personality, but eyes will really pick out things that stand out.

As for the design of the stage it was pretty good and very relevant to the theme; late night street racing and racing somehow involves sexy girls…race queens is the term I think. Using the slash distortion effecton the tail lights was also a stroke of genius. I really had no input in the creation of this video, so don’t say Sky-Commander is trying to be my protege or copied me or something, that’s his own talent and creativity right there.


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