Review of Haku’s Senbonzakura

Remember what I said about using stages that are vibrant and colorful for your solo dance in a box videos?

This is a good example of how to use proper stages for your solo works. It’s beautiful and also appropriate for both the choreography and music, and even her appearance.

I can understand why people would want to use the dark dance hall but seriously that stage is not beginner friendly, it requires editing and proper use of the thing all videos need; accessories, and effects. So when I see people using it without setting the proper environment for it, the dance hall starts feeling like a massive millston around the video’s proverbial neck.

See the nice thing with outdoor stages is that you really don’t have to do much, especially when it’s happens in the daytime.  Sure in the night time you need to use some lighting accessories and stuff but so long as the sun is up in the sky, you can get some really great effects out there.  Autoluminous can really do a lot of wonders.

Though again, I really don’t like this “having to actually sing while holding the invisible mike” trope. A better way to do this is to replace those blander parts of the choreography with other scenes. B-rolls for the win!

Over all it’s a great video and pretty much stands on par with most of the actual nipple-baring works due to it’s superior composition. I’d rather watch ecchi teases that are executed with high quality than actual hentai with massive glaring defects all over it.



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