Review of Don Deloro’s Do it Again

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I’ve said before that I really like boy and girl choreographies that fit both. It’s not too girly for boys and it’s energetic enough for girls to flip skirts and bounce breasts.

We should see more of these. Somehow the CMNF-ness feels stronger not by a mob of hundred dressed men but by her fully-dressed cohorts.

So now that this video has a great concept that I don’t get to see much, let’s review the other things: first there’s the stage. It’s a good choice. The buildings provide enough detail while obscuring things that shatter the illusion. When in doubt, always have something large blocking the horizon, not all skydomes are seamless so using this background with those buildings blocking it hides away all the unwanted things you don’t need to see.

Second, the background is something that is normally expected to be for solitude, a lot of scenes in movies have rooftop scenes where someone wistfully spaces out, so it was appropriate to use this and not need to populate it.

As for the music and choreography, we all have different tastes on what kind of music to play and whether or not it fits. But still my take on this is pretty much positive, it did the right things and didn’t screw up badly with anything.

One thing that does stick out to me is the reflective floor, shiny floors tend to be in public places where people would be passing by to show how clean and shiny it is, such as lobbies, patios, etc… the floors of the rooftop shouldn’t be that shiny.

Basic rule of thumb whether or not to shine the floor is this:  is the place meant to impress a visitor? If so, add the WorkingFloor.x to it. If not, you can skip it. Secondly, working floors can also serve a purpose to show underneath a girl’s skirt, so it’s pretty counterproductive to have alice wear no skirt over her thong.

In terms of hentai or ecchi the reflective floor tends to be very hit and miss for me. Having to angle the camera high means you’re restricted to peeking at her panties and looking over her blouse and cleavage, which is rendered moot if the character is wearing fanservice clothing. But that’s just me.

So there you go. It’s well done, there’s some bloopers here and there but at least it knows it’s limitations and works with it, plus, the choreography gives me some really good ideas.






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