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I’ve always been a fan of the Damsel in Distress trope but quite often I’m not seeing it used well, at least for modern art.

I can understand if you’re not going to make your chick a damsel in distress because you think that “oh women can do a good job as well as a man” because I support that idea as well, but the thing with damsels in distress is that most of the time it lacks that sexy factor that made it so good back in the day.

Think back to the classics, where a maiden would be bound, often naked, awaiting her fate to be devored by some monster. Then came the 60’s to the 80’s where the girl is clad in some revealing bikini or something and strung up awaiting some gruesome death which the hero will save her in.

I remember seeing these quite a lot, and the sexy ones I might add. But now I’m seeing less and less, which is ironic considering this is the age where nudity is becoming more common and people are being more open about their sexuality. Hey, don’t get me wrong, the She-Ra’s can rough it up as well as the He-Men. But when people do decide to do this most of the time I don’t see it well executed enough.

Oh yes, sure, go ahead and say “Erza Scarlet’s scene was so hot” yeah but that was nothing new. Actually you’d expect to see more of those elsewhere, but they don’t which is a shame and for those who do try end up chickening out.

So what am I looking for? Some sex scene to go with that bondage? Actually no. The whole point of making it sexy was because of how suggestive it is. Replace gruesome death with…I don’t know, magic dildo or something, but don’t let it in her. Heck it can be a threat of gruesome death too, but the whole point of it was selling her vulnerability and the hopelessness outside of normal help.

DiD for me is what ecchi is to hentai. She’s vulnerable, she’s helpless, and if some horny captor decides to ravish her there’s nothing she can do about it. To me, the magic is actually lost when they do the old-in out.  Now that’s just…plain bdsm porn. It’s actually sexier when the bad guys don’t do anything to her

Not to say I’m above that, I mean Happy School was pretty much bondage and sex combined.

And now for the video, whew I really went off the track there. The whole idea of a mind-controlled gumi doing some sexy naked dance, it was a good touch. Kinda like the scene in Lemnear or the Oracle’s weed-induced spazzing in 300, though personally I avoid mind-control since there’s no fun in a target that doesn’t struggle, but that’s just me. I do have to say, it can be very effective in showing how sexy and attractive a girl would be if she was normally the type garbed in a lot of clothes.

Though the idea of everyone else being naked in this ritual kinda ruined it for me. I mean sure, a stereotypical cult scene maybe something like that, but just because it’s a known convention doesn’t always mean it’s a good thing.

If that were me, the woshippers would all be robed because if everyone was going to participate in some frenzied orgy then they’re no less mind-controlled than the mind-controlled girl herself.

Of course there is also a charm in this. But I am just assuming that in this canon, Gumi isn’t the type of girl to just strip for strangers and she’s just in some spell. But like in my Reimu review, it’s just no fun if there’s no one to enjoy the show, if this was a serious scene I wouldn’t be suprised.

So, like it or hate it, follow your opinion on this. My preference for nudity is that it should be limited only to the “performers” and not the background people. For me, when a girl pops up in the men’s side of a hot spring it really don’t feel that sexy to me since they would be on “equal footing”, but take the same girl and have her stripped in front of the same guys fully clothed, to be examined like merchandise and you have something really erotic going on.

And finally… Xnqn beat me to an idea I had for a cult scene, so Good Job! ( ‘ w’)b

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