Review of Reimu’s Yukari Dance

Watch the video here

There you go! A proper Reimu ecchi. Finally! It’s so good to see someone do their Touhou right.

But then again, the rampant lack of adherence to the lore can only mean that Touhou is still firmly in the grasp of an elitist few as opposed to the uneducated masses that ape without thinking.

So it’s a good thing to have a lot of LJN MMD’s of Touhous I guess.

Touhou has hundreds of characters, so there’s no excuse to use Mary Sue Scarlet-Yakumo-Komeiji. This artist did it right, used the correct girl who would likely coerce Reimu into whoring herself. Because of the knowledge they were able to come up with interesting ways to make it funny such as the use of Yukari’s gaps. That alone made everything worth it.

I am correct in saying over 70 percent don’t even know about the Gap Hag’s powers. And I can’t be proven wrong.

And knowing is half the battle, as they say.

So nope, there’s no better Reimu ecchi or hentai out there on MMD besides this one. And it’ll take several years before I will be proven otherwise.

You see the thing with Touhou, is that it’s sheer volume of characters with their rich lore means that they can enhance a lot of things. So for those who want to do a 2hu video, please, forget about making it accessible for the unfamiliar. The lore should be just like the game itself: not for newbies not for casuals. Let them be confused.

After all there is a saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth” and it is an undeniable fact that reaching out to a larger audience will always, without exception, lower the quality.

And so good job and kudos to this artist, one of the elite educated few. A hero and a truly creative artist.



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