Review of 【MMD】幽香Long-Girls

Watch the video here

Reactors are defined by their mechanism which induces heat and therefore create the necessary steam and thermal forces needed to power the engine and get the vessel going.

In this case it’s one really hot girl who knows how to move it.

The Background is beautiful and surreal, and the costume is sexy, she doesn’t look half-dressed it looks more like she intentionally chose to wear very little before heading to the party.  There’s also a great contrast with her headphones which draws to your eyes that she’s got something that plays the beat directly to her ears and she’s performing because… who doesn’t dance to nice music when they’re alone? I know I do.

That headphone is more to me than just an accessory. For me, having an element there that denotes that the music is being played to the characters is better than the prospect of just “music playing from nowhere” so as surreal as the background is, we know what’s making her dance to the tune, and that is the organic connection with the performer. And in this surreal serene place she’s in there’s a certain mysticism feel to it that she’s hearing some music out there, playing far from the sea of stars, maybe a broadcast from a far away world, or from a far away time.

So yeah, I really enjoyed this one, it didn’t skimp on the necessities and it was really done, I liked the details of her costumes to me it really looked like she put them on by choice as opposed to looking like the product of that fictional world’s bizaare fashion of bikini space armor for girls and boss space armor for men.  Not that I’m one to talk of course.



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