Mari’s Softball Review

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Clothed Male Nude Female, or CMNF is a very sexy thing. And then there’s the bikini female, dress like a boss male convention we see a lot.  And finally there’s the dress decently male, and look like a slut female convention that’s also enjoyable. Kinda like Satoshi Urushihara’s Ragnarock (sic) City.

There’s something about the slutty clothes that don’t reveal the vital parts. Nude just kind of is too direct, not that I am one to speak though. But nudity for me can just be seen as artistic too, just an appreciation of the female form. What if, in this alternate world it worships the female form and therefore it is a matter of pride to show breasts and pussy and that the male arousal is a symbol of submission to it? For those who have been following my now stagnant Airin picture series in DeviantArt, you also know it kinda makes Airin scary because all that nudity and all that battle and not a scratch on her skin…she’s probably being given a wide berth when she passes by.

And then there’s the slutty clothes. For me, that can only have one meaning if any. To me that looks far more objectifying than just letting tits flop around in the wind. It’s like showing off your girl but hiding enough to say that “she’s my property, you can look but you can’t touch” or that “you can wear clothes but only the most pointless of designs” it’s a clear way of making it known that fabric is a priviledge and not a right. So the idea of her having to wear something like that is really hot.

Now I know some may say “it’s repetitive motions all over again” but I suggest those who wish so should temper their wishes because when it comes to certain vigorous motions you’ll just miss some of the nice details. Do I need to tell people that Airin’s butt jiggles in just about every video she’s in? probably so but they’re not noticing it because it’s my fault: some of the camera angles were too quick or her motions to vigorous to be noticeable at all, so much for the effort of me manipulating those sliders then.

At least with these motions we can appreciate her costume, if it can be called that, what’s more important here is the atmosphere of it all, that she’s in a place where such an attire is totally indecent to wear.

It does remind me of an episode of Galaxy Angels where they had a baseball match and if the girls lose they will have to all wear skimpy negligees

So overall, I like this video. It could have been a nice Koshien parody but again, I don’t think it’ll be sexy if it does.






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