Neru’s Ero Ero Spazzing

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Oh look another KDRD video. But I like it. Why? It feels way more refreshing than the others.

It’s the face.


As I said in my previous entries about dissecting MMD’s, it’s really important to make your character look as human as possible and that means putting facial expressions.

Simply being naked is one thing but it’s far more important that they react to being naked  or being watched for that matter. It’s the same reason why people like the videos I do because they act like real people, they blush, their eyes waver, they blink a lot and pant. And the more human they act the more you feel sympathetic, which later mutates into arousal.

So I liked this video because it also reminded me of 774’s works where his girls would do really lewd things in public, they’re trembling, their scared but they want to go through with it; to swim in the sea of eyes that judge, that scorn, and that loves.

You know I could probably make a more 774’ish video like that one day, I can see it now.  Airin presenting herself as a prude ordinary girl with good grades and a seen as a decent respectable girl, then she shocks everyone by appearing in a show or on some entertainment venue. See her mind nearly collapse from the shame and the prospect of completely destroying her life as she knew it….so she could now live with her master/mistresses dungeon as their sex slave. Then later the people who talk shit about her visit her to get their rocks off and suddenly the fractured bonds return albeit now one completely corrupted by lust.. there’s a lot you folks can chew over that one.

So yeah, I liked this video because you can really see Neru’s internal struggle between her ordinary self and her perverted self. She wants to go through with it. Maybe it’s a dare, maybe because her master ordered her to destroy her old bonds by making them hate her after seeing that despicable show…who knows? But for whatever reason you can see that she’s definitely an ordinary person making an extra ordinary choice.

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