Iori and Dark Iori’s Killer Lady dance

Watch the video here

Just seeing the first frame of the video and I know this is already in lots of trouble.

When you watch a movie, do you enjoy those where you can see the strings and fakeness of the scene? Or do you enjoy those that pull you in and make you feel like you’re really there?

NEVER, ever use shots like the first frame of that video. Always go for shots that hide the plain two dimensional image of the background.

When people say my work is crowded, then I know I’m doing a great job in Framing and Composition. Everything looks detailed and lively because I always hide things from view, the things you do not need to see, the things that would ruin the immersion of it all.

People treat the camera tool like they’re yellow helmet kids given a super soaker. Camera work requires discipline and vision to use.  The rules of cinematography are not flexible and all deviations that are successful are successful because of their understanding and following of these Rules’ concept and not because of defiance of it.

When people give me bad camera views like that first frame, I stop watching immediately. You can’t prove me wrong, it’s bad and it’s just plain. Bad camera work means that it’s going to screw up the opportunities of a really great camera angle. Might as well watch someone else’s…

And, that stage, god i don’t know why people would want to use that super fake waterfall stage. I’m guessing no effects were used to replace that poor excuse of a waterfall and no one ever has. Well I’m sure I will one day and do the Right Thing. Use effects, effects, and more effects and give it the tons of details it deserves.

So to recap, Camera work is poorly done. I can’t expect to get a great view.

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