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Nonconsensual plots in Hentai MMD is always an interesting take. Some use mind control, I use blackmail, and some skip the teasing dances and move onto BDSM ropes, chains, and sex.

I was never a fan of “hates it then begins to like it” might as well be a snuff MMD then, because she’s already dead if she gets completely programmed like that.

So having the girls snap back to their senses and cover up, that was a nice touch. Take it from a villain’s perspective: “it’s not punishment if they enjoy it” and that includes having to mind control them. We need the delicious moment where they’re horrified of what they are doing or when they are struggling to keep up the act despite all the verbal abuse that we never hear but know is implied they get from their viewers.

“Oh my! that tied up girl has no shame at all!”

“Yeah, I feel so sorry for these gang of huge musclebound gangsters having to put up with this girl’s antics”

If something felt missing for me, it’s the Threat. No burly enforcers cracking whips or tasers. No slideshows of embarassing pictures with the implied threat of releasing them out to the public if they don’t put up a great show. No massive crowds in broad daylight implying that the whole town is into the act, they have no one to turn to and they have no choice. No small, wordless cutscene implying they have someone hostage whom they’ll execute if she doesn’t comply…

So I could probably guess mind control is the best next thing when it comes to blackmail. It’s economical, to say at best.

Now you may not realize it but there’s something about using Idolmaster models and still doing a great job. Nothing against using them, but have you seen their side views?  They don’t look good in profile view. Usage of the Im@s models actually makes the user subconsciouly limit their camera movements to maximize their good angles.

So in my book, when you use Im@s models and your video looks great, that’s extra points for you. I really think that before anyone starts using fancy Kakomiki, ISAO, Nakao, DigitrevX, etc etc etc models, start with the Im@s Models first. They’re a kind of a built-in trainer for the developers eye because they don’t look great in some angles, that teaches the novice MMD’ers on how to control their camera work.

Verdict: It’s my kind of genre, it was creative and economical. I was kinda expecting them to snap back sort of in the middle like the other MMD Im@s hentai. The backdrop was OK, I always envisioned these kind of entertainment venues were the type to keep their onlookers in shadow, which adds to the ominous feeling the girl would get: an unfeeling mass of darkness, threatening to strike should she have a misstep in her dance.

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