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Before we get to the idea of “Is POV Hentai a fad or a really good idea?” let’s consider how this goes.

I liked the idea how Miku starts off naked, showing off all her good bits while the guy is dressed (I mean sure he’s got his dick out). This disparity in clothing is really hot, I mean it’s CMNF after all so he gets a good look at her while she doesn’t get any eyecandy besides his dick (unless that’s a sexist message saying that a man’s physical appearance is all about his dick XD)

The cum ratio is also skewed towards the guy’s favor, with Miku eager to give him a couple of blowjobs before she fingers herself, albeit if only to give him a good show. Then they proceed to the sex part..bla bla bla. But I like how Miku not only does all the work but still is mindful of the man’s eyes, keeping her legs open so he can see the “connection” hurr hurr hurr and her back arched for that nice boobie jiggle. She even has him cum in her face and doesn’t bother to wipe it just because it looks erotic.

Ok then… surely videos like these are a dime a dozen? The “horny girl attacks man and rapes him” but that’s not what she’s doing. I sure there are times when the guy tries to make her stop but he’s probably just trying to be considerate. I bet that chances are not 100% of those in a relationship would accept sexual fluids being squirted in your face by their partner.

Now on the other end of the “girl rapes boy” spectrum is that somehow it has to be guy rapes girl, coerce her into having sex with him until she turns into an ahegao-faced babbling mess. For some reason it’s hard to find sex between two people who just want to have some fun, it’s always a “battle” where one side has to “win” like everything is a La Blue Girl sexcraft battle.

Now I’m just talking about the vanilla hentai genre. I haven’t gotten to the hardcore bdsm. Because that’s where it fits more. So this video does a really great job at it when it comes to regular sex.

And that fist bump at the end. That was a really great touch if you ask me. It’s like whatever happened to the the afterglow of sex? It’s like completely ignored nowadays. Today most of the stuff you see is “ok we’re done, now get off me” yes, yes some have pillow talk crap but look back at them, how many are actually talking about their feelings as opposed to talking about plot? After the old in out most of the time you get stuff saying like “oh yeah, about that villain we need to defeat..” like what? And they say I’m cynical, but how can I feel for two characters that don’t even act like people?

So props to Stratovarius for this video. They felt like two people having sex and not two caricatures banging hips. Yes I know it’s hentai and it’s mean to get our rocks off. But this did a lot more. Yeah it’s not a romantic snuggly wuggly thing, but put that beside most of the in-out videos that aren’t rape or bdsm or coercion, and yeah, it does look like that in comparison.

I like how both they are mindful of each other. How the girl lets him cum in her face and assumes revealing poses in sex for his viewing pleasure, and how the guy is considerate towards her, relenting when she makes it clear she’ll take the shot, hurr hurr hurr.

As for POV hentai being legit or not, what else do you wanna look at?

Oh and those people who disliked it are clearly stupid, did I say they’re clearly stupid? They are clearly stupid.

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