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I’ve spoken about Novice’s Arrogance before, which is the use of stages meant to be populated but not doing so. System777 is one of the few who make sure to give stages their proper set of people. Watching his videos is a pleasure since it looks like he is always trying, something I do not see with the ones that have been recommended to me.

However, I’d like to point out that with great stages comes great responsibility. Ever notice why in my videos I try to put the screens to the side or if in the center, up high and way back?

SummerNightParty 2015 13

Several times in this video the screen doesn’t really contribute to the scene a lot and feels largely wasted. In this case, I would suggest using another stage or having the camera work redone.

A common misstep I see in a lot of videos is that most are unable to put real use to the screens in the stage due to the unwillingness to have a .avi playing in the background. This is largely a waste of accessories when they don’t. As I’ve said before, having the screens show alternate angles improves the scene by tenfold.

Try to have the main scene have a farther distance showing the whole body while the screen shows all the perverted angles. This formula I use is flawless as it shows you the whole scene while highlighting the better parts.

SummerNightParty 2015 6

The video could also use a sweeping shot of the crowd and the performer in the same frame. Now I realize these techniques sound more like what the professionals use. But this is MMD and you’re pretty much god so that’s easy to emulate.

Now, the stage when viewed from behind kinda of shatters the immersion for me since the city in the background looks too drastic of an art shift, not even a painted background if you ask me. It pays to load more and more stages and accessories as necessary to match the performing stage.

suwa new back

Now if there’s one thing missing in the sound department, it’s the sound of the crowd noises. There are times when it’s okay to not have them, usually when it’s a montage of scenes like in the Latino Heat Wave or Happy School, but for a single scene video such as this, it’s vital to have it looping as it raises the energy of the scene.

All in all it may sound like that this video looks like a lighter version of what I do. But props to System777, at least he tries. To me, the only reason these things are lacking is because the thought probably didn’t cross his mind, there’s a lot of things I do that may seem a little too subtle. After all, when you say a Cookie Fun video you think of elaborate sets and crowds…camera work and sound cues just end up taking a back seat when it comes to being noticed.

So let’s go through the merits of this video, it avoided Novice’s Arrogance as its a concert scene and it was well populated. It made use of the stage motions to animate the lights. And while the camera work was not fully utilized it had an interesting effect of focusing on her lower body.

So while it might have missed out on some things as I’ve enumerated… those were pretty much advanced tricks so it’s perfectly excusable.

Verdict: System777 has a license to fuck around with people with his “Silly Videos” by not labelling them as silly and not labelling them as R-15. If you can’t appreciate his videos you deserve to be trolled by them.

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