MMD Video Reviews

October 2015

A look into one of the most hyped videos in ecchi and hentai MMD discussions. Overrated, or a real Gem?

Reimu’s a little tied up at the moment, but no one’s there to have fun with her… ( ;w; )

Riding Machines are all in the vogue in HMMD, but just when you think it couldn’t get any more fresh, here comes an interesting take.

Kasumi of Dead or Alive fame’s figure seems a little more…imposing than tiltillating

Sdronj’s silly video has lot more going for it than simple humor, something many should take a page out of.

Xion’s Imas Girls are programmed to give us a horny show, but little do most know, Imas Girls actually program us.

In Soviet Russia…

A look into a video made by one of the more recommended MMD’ers. I know his forte is in the editing of sexy models. But some say the videos themselves are great. Let’s put that to the test.

Let me show you who does simple yet high quality videos. The others have been telling me to take a page out of just doesn’t compare.

System777 shows a lot of effort, something we should all appreciate and aspire to

November 2015

Mad Catz didn’t do a Dance in a Box video, he used a Rubik’s Cube

Sometimes, a simple video can go really deep

This simple Poledance video had a lot going for it, why the dorks didn’t tout this video says a lot about how their tastes, or a lack of it.

Don’t let the bieber song ruin it for you…what the fuck. It ruins it.

This much hyped video has depth matching the pool. And that’s saying a lot.

All sexy motions…who to focus on? Is there even an answer to this?

There’s tons of music you can play in a beach and this Video didn’t play any of them

A cute girl tries to hold onto over a hundred leeks. Use your imagination…

There’s no Dance in a Box when you’re in Silent Hill…

A car chase scene without one slamming into a stack of boxes? Sacriledge! Blasphemer! (O AO)9

Much loved and much hyped video of a flat-chested girl who’s breasts seem to be manipulable, just like any pair of breasts on any girl

If there’s anything new you need to know about Christmas, its that the Patriots are behind it, but I’m guessing you’ve already suspected that by now

Anyone wants some glazed donuts? ~( ‘ w ‘ )~(o)

An adorable furball wants to get in on some of the action…

…but it doesn’t take place in Brazil

Submarines are supposed to go underwater, but this one sank…

It’s very rare to see someone who gets their BDSM scenes right.

Raise that leg! Smile for the onlookers!

Someone finally used the Dance Hall by CubP Correctly

Where should military people and military vehicles be? In a tropical resort of course! Totally makes sense!

As if the traditional costume wasn’t sexy enough, but the video is far sexier than any other dance in a box those “expert critics” could name.

Shoes are not the enemy!

Pareos are for beaches, and old women

Versus? It’s not even a fight

It’s a little too late to use this stage so plainly

The boys are here to see the Reimu’s backyard and bush

December 2015

A lonely little sister gives the boyfriend a good….  “fuck” just isn’t right. Because you can tell she’s envious of her sister having a guy like this.

Love is so powerful it can make ships sail. But can it keep a plot afloat?

Imagine a war scene in some desert country like in just about every hollywood story ever and for some reason confetti and rainbows rain in to signify a heated battle…

It’s Fresh!

There are just some stages you can’t use without effects. All of them I know but some are just…

The bigger they are the jigglier the physics…

“Snake, staring at a naked girl’s tits doesn’t count as rescuing her”

What with that mist? Is that Silent Hill? Wait… they look like naked girls to you?

The bats aren’t the only hard thing in this game of ball

An unfair fight doesn’t always mean unsexy

When you know the lore there is far more creativity imbibed into you

What’s in the reactor? Fuel rods? A heating element? Or a really hot girl?

No point trying to call this one’s bluff, its playing a really good hand.

It’s a classic but oh, there’s a twist! Was it all in Miku’s mind? Where’s that totem when you need it?

Bizaare fun, but I really think if you can read Japanese, there’s a joke for you to snicker at somewhere. Most likely at the end where I think there’s a punchline somewhere.

When you want to do a simple, learn to not use such preposterous setups. Do it like Don.



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