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Update No.2: Due to the amount of content I am now moving the links to other sections to ease up the download time.

Instructions: Click on the picture for the link, clicking on the title will open up the article it was originally released in.  An alternative link is featured below, just in case.

Please let me know of any and all issues with the links.  Thank you!

 Information Legend:

  • Nudity:  whether or not it contains explicit depiction of genitalia and nipples. Does not constitute or guarantee the content is SFW
  • Sex: may involve sexual activity such as fingering, masturbation, sex toys, oral sex, or classic-plain-old-penis-to-vagina-sex, humping a riding machine, angry dragons, or kicking a penguin, etc. I won’t spoil it for you as much as possible.
  • Voice: whether or not the girls involved are voiced, by this I mean a speaking/moaning role. Singing does not count.
  • Breasts: Big? Small? PA-##%$#%###{SIGNAL LOST}###$######@@@@@%%%%

 Newest Releases!

Kuro Kagami Project / Nova Ranger Ep.12 and OP


With Dialogues

Without Dialogues


With Text Dialogues

No Dialogues


OP Only


Project Rin 2017!yosGHZwJ!MiugRxRl66TlaTk3B1FEC3ul5XH7c8oGBLRJC6ONl3k

Unzip Pass is in the article (click on the title)

Warning! High Saccharine Content ahead. You have been warned.

Karen’s Adventure In Uranus: Ep.2


Karen’s caught and has to fight her way through!

Karen’s Adventure In Uranus: Ep.1


Leftenant Karen Rodin is tasked to explore Uranus.

Airin Twins Bellydance Remake


(small enough to fit in Iwara, just download it from there)

A remake of an older video.

Karen “Project B”


Karen Rodin’s first solo ero work. (owo)/ enjoy.

Happy Happy School: Ecchi Audience Remix!Ts9ViD4A!rAcWMrgAJlP2Y99r25JR8tJtPMF5dYfRCHqKL1PYymg

Another alternate take of H2S, this includes difference clips of the audience that were cut out of the main one.

Happy Happy School: Extended Locker Room Edition!b4sD3Kzb!nDM-xDILlr3kqcBxA8TB8vv2IADAR2E0t_04vtR_zHA

Note: Alternate Snippets from Happy Happy School. The recommended order to watch is  Rei Charles Intro -> Happy Happy School -> Extended Locker Room Edition

Happy Happy School



Nudity: Yes | Sex: Yes| Breasts: Big | Voice: No | Easter Eggs: Lots

Synopsis: Just another day for the Cookie Fun Girls




Nudity: Yes | Sex: No| Breasts: Big | Voice: No | Easter Eggs: Lots

Synopsis: A Yuki Onna returns the favor by training to withstand temperatures that would be normally fatal, and the results show, among other things.

  Project Jackie Ep.0



Nudity: Yes | Sex: No| Breasts: Big | Voice: No | Easter Eggs: Lots

Synopsis: Jackie’s participating in a talent show in her school, the Cookie Founders are planning something else, but so does another party…

  Project May Ep.2



Nudity: Yes | Sex: Yes| Breasts: Big | Voice: No | Easter Eggs: Lots

Synopsis: With her pokeballs held hostage, May has no choice but live a new life as a stripper in Don Duck’s sleazy bar. But first…her reputation needs to be changed.

Ahogear: Tactical Morale Booster



Nudity: Yes | Sex: No| Breasts: Big | Voice: No | Easter Eggs: Lots

Synopsis: Aisha “Moe Snake” Airin, has been away from Wiggly Base for too long and needs to raise morale.

Project May Ep.1



Nudity: Yes | Sex: Yes | Breasts: Big | Voice: No | Easter Eggs: Lots

Synopsis: A certain pokemon champion makes too many enemies, and those enemies happen to have the muscle and money necessary to enact their revenge.

Previous Works

Section Five

  • TerraGaia Chronicles
  • Project Rin Ep.1: Delusion One
  • Too Cute 2015 Remake
  • Summer Night Party 2015
  • Happy School (Episode 2)
  • Happy School (Episode 1B)
  • Happy School (Episode 1)

Section Four

  • 2015 January Collaboration: The Latino Heatwave! (30 Fps)
  • Hurly Burly: Karen, Airin, Charlie Obscene Camera Edition
  • MMO Parody: No Life Queen
  • Sakura’s Sexy Night Samba
  • Love&Joy: Sakura (Director’s Cut)
  • Massara Blue Jeans: Nude Dancing Girls
  • Massara Blue Jeans: Dancing Girls Pasties
  • Moondance Nude Version
  • Moondance: SFW Version
  • Ancient Temple: Premortem Yuyuko
  • Ninjin Loves you Yeah
  • Hurly Burly: Airin, Karen, Charlie

Section Three

  • Technololi Airin: Transition99′
  • Technololi Contestant no.11: Kinomoto Sakura [Nude Competition]
  • Technololi Contestant no.11: Kinomoto Sakura
  • Arashi no Saxophone: Girls’ Night Out!
  • Oh My Juliet: Glamorous Edition
  • Sakura’s Home Video
  • Sakura’s Exhibitionist Sexy Samba
  • Massara Blue Live at Budokan: Screenie Version
  • Oh My Juliet: RPG Edition
  • Loli Samba Parade! Part 2 (Part1 in Japan)
  • Loli Samba Parade! Part 1 (Part2 in Japan)
  • Iron Loli Contest: Horseplay Challenge!

Section Two

  • Walking With You
  • Kokonoe Rin’s Aqua Medley
  • Oasis Cafe
  • Twins Airins: Snow on the Sahara
  • Kinomoto Sakura’s Tambourine Dance
  • Idol Talk: Sakura Kinomoto

Section One

  • Senran Kagura Hentai Jiggling
  • Bakone Dance!
  • Love and Joy: Kinomoto Sakura Forced Version
  • Charlie Wrecks a Store: Kochi Muite Baby!
  • Senran Kagura Live at Budokan: Massara Blue Jeans
  • Dancing Mad
  • Yuri Garden
  • Loli Mikus Get Up and Move
  • Pimp Marissa’s Oh My Juliet
  • Masked Bitch: Charlie’s Wet and Wild Bar-top Dancing
  • Kokonoe Rin: EZ Dance Edition
  • Extreme Dance Showdown: Airin vs. Alice
  • POMF Version2
  • Technololi Entry No.45: Karen
  • Arcade Girl Airin (Airin and the Magical Arcade Joystick)
  • Masked Narcissist

34 thoughts on “MEGA Uploads”

  1. Newer viewer, and neophyte to the MMD scene here.

    Thanks for making your works available. I’m impressed by how much work you’ve put into these. Truly a labor of love.

    Any chance you could include a discography (song artist and name, remix DJ, etc) with newer releases? You use some catchy dance mixes to go with your videos, and it would be nice to know.

  2. Thank you so much for using mega to upload these. I’ve been a fan for a while now and I’m happy to be able to add these to my collection. Thank you!

  3. I loved the fox ears and tail you used for Airin in the arcade vid. You should use those in your other vids if you can. It makes the girls look even cuter^^

      1. Haha that’s be awesome. You see a hot naked loli dancing then you hear Applejack’s voice. “Wait, what?”:)

  4. first time I saw your videos was on Youtube. the video I saw was “[MMD] Kinomoto Sakura Sexy Pole Dance [R-18]” .. I seen you on vimeo and fc2. well since I saw that first video “[MMD] Kinomoto Sakura Sexy Pole Dance [R-18]” I have been a big fan of yours.

  5. I’m sorry to say, but when I try to download the Airin Arcade Joystick video it says it was corrupted or won’t download. Could you possibly, maybe, probably, pretty please, work on fixing it ? I love your content by the way, all very top notch

  6. Early, clean and pure girls became totally prostitutes. I am a little sad but I still love them. And still you are the best artist.

  7. Early, clean and pure girls became totally prostitutes. I am a little sad but I still love them. And still you are the best artist.

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