Glossary and other weird terms I use in Projects

3-Screen Setup:

A setup that involves the use of three monitor/screen-like accessories. Usually it involves the three screens set side by side with each other and the center screen showing different footage. The screens at the left and right typically show a closeup or alternate angle of what is going on while the center screen shows something else.

This idea was first applied in Project May Ep.2.


A virtual point on a 3d model that acts as joint or movable point

Center Screen Footage/Video or just Center Screen

Center Screens in a 3-Screen setup typically show a related video, usually a short looping animation of some sort, or a sequence of looping animations.

Cookie Fun Girls Generation 1

Karen, Charlie, and the Airin sisters

Cookie Fun Girls Generation 2

Jackie, Denise, May/Haruka, Galrider, Yukihime girl/Kula, and Hinata

SideScreen or Closeup Screen

A screen which shows the dancer from a different angle or a closeup view. Some show an alternate view with a different background

Lab File/Motion Lab

Akin to dress rehearsal, is a simplified version of an MMD file used to test physics and motion, with all the extraneous elements removed. Developed as a result of my computer’s RAM and GPU limitations.

Naruto Bar/Don Duck Bar

A customized stage, so named because of it’s Japanese motif as well as being established as Don Duck’s in Project May Ep.2


An accessory or model which shows static pictures in sequence, as opposed to a screen which shows short clips in a loop.

Stage Crew

Characters that are seen onstage but are not performers, usually in roles such as Camera Crew, or Security, etc.

The Founders (The Heel Cast/The bad guys)

A set of characters in the Cookie Fun Girls lore, which pull the strings behind the events. Their complete roster first debuted in Project Jackie Ep.1 they’r usually billed as antagonists or at the very least, some really rich sleazeballs.


In video editing software, is the workspace used to assemble multiple footages, sounds, and effects together to create a single video.



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