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Note: you DO NOT have to credit me for these edits, they belong to their original creators, give shout outs and props to them instead.
Important: Mob Models WILL CRASH MMD if you select multiple bones. This appears to be a bug with mobs created with the Mikumiku Mob Tool.

MMD Models

  • Kokonoe Rin (from Project Rin)


This is basically Kakomiki’s Kokonoe Rin wearing Kuro Kagami’s clothes and Daiyosei’s sling bikini. She’s strippable via sliders.

As seen here

  • Custom Amane Mob

project rin ep1 3


Blackpepper6724’s Amane character from his Summer Set pack. Using the MikumikuMob tool to create 8 of these clones, I just simply gave them different colors and different textures for their shirts. They do not have feet since they mostly would be in places where you won’t see them.

As seen here

  • Paper Crowd Pack


A simple crowd with sliders to wiggle them. Includes a motion pack to make it easier

  • Imas Crowd


  • Cookie Fun Camera Girl Mob


Contains a motion pack for your ease of use.

  • Dank Vader

Dank Vader2



  • Iori Minami (Parody of Iori Yagami cosplay by Iori Minase)


Perfect for Epic Sax Guy parodies, or Careless Whisper


see her in action here: http://ecchi.iwara.tv/node/60317


MMD Stages

  • Gang Den / Hentai Bar

custom stage 2


Simpler Version: https://mega.nz/#!YIgzVTxD!LjmBAkns-w4wbKFMy5lU-125v0gE4xppc1bSeBUYi1g (note: you must load this into the same folder as the Gang Den)

It goes without saying, feel free to edit it as much as you like. I only edited the thing myself.






MMD Motions

  • Love and Joy Custom Pack


This version is also known as the Love and Joy Cheerleader motion as it goes well for pompom bearing models.  A motion for backup dancers is also provided. This motion also has butt jiggles which respond to facial sliders if they are named “butt up” and “butt down”

Semistandard Bones are NOT required.

As seen here

  • Arashi no Saxophone Motion Pack


This is a modification of Little Apple, including a motion that was cut from the video for backup dancers, which is a simpler, looping motion.

Semistandard bones are REQUIRED.

As seen here

  • Project Rin Motions


Contains the motion for just about everything used in the video’s main scene. Note: drums must be the Necrofantasia drum set.

Semistandard bones are REQUIRED.

As seen here

  • The Great Spazz Out


This is the minutes long spazzout as peformed by Airin, Sakura, and the Senran Kagura girls. This is an amalgamation of dances like the bikini dance, kdrd, dumbbell etc.

Semistandard Bones are NOT required.

As seen here



MMD Accessories

  • Ball-Kun


Please respect my ball-kun emoji24_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbap

  • 420BlazeIt


(6 w9)y=~


Rotating Display



MME (MikumikuEffect)

  • Sub-Camera


The sub-camera allows you to turn a screen into an output monitor for whatever the subcam is aimed at. Do not credit me for this, credit ElleP

How to use

  1. load the subcamera .pmd and .x files into your file.
  2. open the mme window
  3. open up the subset of the monitor you want to output the view to and load the monitor.fx into it.

Upon loading the .pmd and .x files of the subcamera, you can go to it’s appropriate tab in the MME window and uncheck the accessories and models you don’t want to display on the screen. Alternatively, you can also uncheck them in the Main tab if you want certain things to only appear in the subcam monitor.


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