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Pixiv 570 and Not Kuro in a Bobcut Hairdo

neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4 570th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4


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Not Kuro With a Bob Cut


Well, I tried, I tried to get Kuro Kagami in twintails, but I couldn’t find one that matched her regular hairdo. Her hime-cut hairdo with the lack of spiky endings and all just flat (like a certain other part of her, hurr hurr hurr) makes me think what I need for twintails are those that have flat ends.

Why Kuro and why bother with giving her twintails? Well, let’s say I wanted to give her an active role, which means she can’t have that huge hair blocking the way.

One of the suggestions I was given was to just give her short hair. While it might be easy to show an establishing shot of her getting a haircut, I still want it to be something one can look at and say “oh look, Kuro got a haircut”

But instead of her hair, looks like getting Kuro herself is getting cut. Let’s be fair, she does look cute, but she looks like a completely different character, so…she’ll have to wait for her own project.

Or… it could be her own project. Replace Rin and all. To be honest, swapping models is pretty, pretty easy. By that I mean simply loading the file and doing this nifty little trick where i rename Rin’s model, making MMD ask me to a.) find this missing model, or b.) replace it with another one.

I mean, she does look very adorable, and the premise of the whole magical girl thing is pretty much any other girl’s role. Especially considering that had it been Rin’s project, it would have been wrapped in a premise that they were just shooting a movie.

Or, I could just make her a random co-star of Rin.


You see during the last parade scene I worked on, I wanted to create another scene with the same motion, basically showing Rin’s first time sucking on that popsicle and probably with a different facial expression, probably with her eyes bugging out and struggling a bit more, either from the fisting or from the horrible taste of the punishment popsicle, then I’ll have it transition to the parade version where she’s now more subdued and resigned to her fate.

Then, of course I had been wondering about how then she gets subdued in the first place. But for the life of me, I could never imagine Rin kicking ass or doing anything violent.  So the idea would be…she’s not the magical girl, she’s the magical girl’s best friend / damsel in distress. You get the idea, it’s that cliche used in hentai where the villains get the warrior princess to surrender because they hold someone hostage.  Typical cliche.

I mean after all, I had been getting some requests for Kuro to show her stuff,  something i was hesitant to do because…maybeit’s me, but i don’t like it when the mistress in a bdsm relationship is pretty much as naked as her slave. i mean the whole point of being strung up naked is that they feel exposed, further made more blatant if her captors are fully clothed or at least decently clothed. But when I come across scenes in manga and anime where the mistress has her tits hanging out, she doesn’t look like a mistress to me, she just looks like a higher-ranked slave who’s given whipping duty by the actual mistress.  I never saw the dominatrix costume as an actual dominant because of the blatant show of skin. Like, it works well for me, for any situation except for an actual BDSM scene. To me, it’s just a sexy outfit.

What are your thoughts about this?

I mean let’s put it this way, we get naked slave girl strung up unable to cover herself, enter mistress naugtyheels and boom! wearing pointless open crotch panties, and a corset that just holds up her boobs… ooook, i get she’s naughty, but how does that convey in charge? in fact, we…yes “we” not just me, you do this too, don’t even try to deny it. WE end up going from cute innocent naked slave girl and practically naked mistress… i mean it’s fine if they’re pretty… but if the whole premise was about “see our innocent girl get turned into a whore” that’s just not going to work if we’re given too many distractions.

Blaring lights and a well decorated dance hall EMPHASIZES the girl’s body, but adding another sexy girl just ends up muddying up the attention and the premise, something I refuse to do the same way anyone would refuse jumping off a cliff.


Which means that Kuro (or at this point, the girl who’ll be replacing her) is actually going to be in the same “rank” as Rin. Now Happy School might have been my first video featuring different girls in a non-con situation, but as far as everyone is concerned, it could have been just three random unrelated girls the gang just happened to capture. What I’m trying to work on, is that there will be a working relationship between the two.

For now let’s just say Kuro instead of “new girl” even though I will probably just be using the new girl instead.   The idea was that Kuro, the one with the actual magical girl role, has her best friend (no, not girlfriend, or lover, I’ll explain a little later) captured by the Heel cast, so there’s Rin’s scenes like dancing and similar ecchi performances. And Kuro will do the ecchi action parts. Aside from from me not really feeling that Rin should take action roles, I thought of it as a bit of a private in-universe joke Kuro gets the rougher part of the action for being the heel in the original Project Rin.

By rougher parts I’m thinking using those combat motions, especially the new ones I’ve acquired. Maybe make it one of those fixed match thingies where she just keeps losing and keeps getting the punishment game, and to rub in her face, she has to watch Rin not only perform, but will end up on the receivng end in some forced lesbian sex show with her. hooray! Rin finally on the lead.

Except it’s probably not going to be Kuro.

I’m going to give it another day to find the right kind of twintails but if it really isn’t working, then we’re just going to use some not-Kuro short-haired girl.


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