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More Festive Designs and narrow Dimension


Now more festive!

Each of the three closeup screens have been reskinned to look more festive, they also each have their own little marquee with an animated sunburst gif that I had to customize by hand, which means having to manually create the loop, apply a mask and crop each and every frame of that spinning sunburst to fit the sign. Then I have them switching places with each other to give the illusion that they’re changing colors.

And now time for the slideshows

The first two were too wide

This one got it right

I’ve begun experimenting with a couple of ideas to go with this project.

First is the Circus aspect of the video, now before everyone starts demanding hoofed characters, just having them trot and hump is not circus material for me. Second is the idea of having to make an actual circus ring which is already a herculean task in itself to make a wrap-around audience.

So a circus it is not.

The way the uniform of the girls looks like a military one does make me think of military academy hijinks and this is currently the strongest idea I have for them at the moment.

But enough of getting ahead of myself and focus on finishing up the gravure pics of the other girls.


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