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Pixiv 569, Skipping the Crashes, and ready for the Basic Loops

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Crashes, Loops and Interactions

Yesterday I needed to find a way to get around the crashes that the parade scene was getting into, plus the fact that I had to add in the crowds and other decorations it surely meant that I had to remove some of the models that were already on the parade float.

So after spending some time getting the visual balance right the file’s almost ready for rendering. Except well, it needs to have some interaction first. By that I mean for now the girls are just doing looping motions, one’s working her arm in Rin, another’s just tweaking her nipples etc, but sooner or later I’ll need to have the girls do something different but what they are I haven’t decided yet.

So after posting this my approach will be to take a couple of shots of the regular loop first then focus on the interaction scenes, I’m thinking of tight closeups which should allow me more freedom since that means I can remove even more models that won’t be seen, I’m thinking that the crowd and the pennants and perhaps some of the particle effects can be removed as well for those scenes.

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