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Minagi Suzaku Side Project Out Now

Before you think it’s going to be a shiny Cookie Fun Video with tons of flashing multi-colored lights, annoying music, and roller coaster cameras with a hundred screens zoomed in, it’s not.

This is more like an experimental type of video, it was a side project that evolved into it’s own. It was supposed to be part of the AshleyXMinagiXAyane project as one of the center screen footage, but it was so interesting that I thought it could be it’s own video.

The video starts with a clip that was supposed in the Kuro Kagami Project but never made it, then it transitions to a quick intro that I hastily thrown together.

Now without having to spoil what’s going on, let me just set expectations that this is more or less a slow-paced video, instead of the usual 16-minute barrage of action I usually do.

This one is more like 30 minutes, the longest I’ve ever done. It’s a simple video at first glance but in creating the various gags throughout it, it was far from simple. The saying really holds true: the most natural motions are the hardest to emulate. That’s why it’s much easier to do dancing motions, because it’s meant to be silly and flashy; it can get very exaggerated because that’s what it’s meant to be. But when it comes to walking around, petting a kitty, or picking up a fallen piece of candy, any first attempt at making a motion like that goes well with horror ambience.

Now for those who’ve finished watching it, I’m really considering doing more like these. It just might become a thing.



password hint:

EDIT: After some audience testing it seems that there aren’t anymore major kinks to sort out so here it is, enjoy!

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