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Slideshows and Camerawork

So I’ve rendered a dry run of the project and current have worked about 4000+ plus frames for the main choreography (with Ashley as the main girl…at least for now) With about 3000 frames of camera work to go, I thought it was time to step back a bit and complete the slideshow pictures. And here they are, for now.

The narrower pictures appear on the slideshows above, which become visible when using low angles, while the wider pictures appear on the slideshows at the DJ table, which become visible at other angles.

I however do not want to settle on just a BDSM theme for these slideshows as I’ve gotten the idea of applying at least another two or three themes to make it look like it’s cycling though scenes of their previous porn movies.

That concept doesn’t impinge on any of the possible overall plot of the project; if it was the military academy plot where the losers are subject to some punishment games then having them do porn movies would definitely fit the bill,meanwhile, if they’re spy girls then it would make an excellent cover for them (“oh no, I couldn’t have been there, I was shooting a movie”) plus, the fact that having to shoot in exotic locations gives them the excuse to travel to wherever they need to be. Finally, for the superhero plot, then it’s just one of the many things the bad guys make them do.

The other reason why i wanted to add another set or two of slideshows was that after reviewing the test footage, the lower slideshows ended up having a decent amount of screen time, which made me consider adding more.

And that’s today’s progress report. I’m going to give another week before I resume my Pixiv Daily Rankings but until then…

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