This Blog is for people with Aesthetics only


First off, welcome to the land of Free Speech and as Free Speech goes, Those below the age of 18 are advised to turn back now. This Blog contains mature content that is too sensitive for stupid people.


If you possess absolutely no trace of any aesthetics at all, go back to the trash where you belong. Your kind isn’t needed here either.

Here’s a simple test, Look at these pictures

If you find this picture enjoyable to look at, AND you enjoyed Strike Witches  like a normal person would, you passed 1/3 of the mental health test. Proceed to the next picture.

Now if you find yourself unable to enjoy the above picture, you may return here.

This picture is Epic Win.  If you’re brain-damaged to think Loli AND Yuri isn’t Epic Win you may post your disagreements here.

This picture is hilarious. Even if you don’t get the joke BUT you liked the last two pictures, YOU’RE NORMAL! Otherwise, return here.

Well that wasn’t so hard to pass wasn’t it? This page is for people who know Art when they see it.

Also Win pictures is Win.

( ' w ' )/O cookie if you comment

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