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Cloth Folding Work



I edited some clothes for use in this project, my idea of having the villains rummaging through her underwear made me realize that I had to edit such piece of clothing in ways for them to be held, stretch, or put on something, like someone’s head. Now all I need to do next is reskin some of them as well was make some folded clothes.

Currently the design is moved to be in the villain’s lair, which is a bike shop. Ordinarily one would have set up a more grandiose lair or a dungeon, but instead of her being in the Villain Girls’ HQ I thought of her having to turn up in some previously-defeated trash-tier villains first. Aside from having to use easier resources than some epic hideout, it increases the humiliation value because they’re duh…trash villains and I can put some more of her heroine scenes via a flashback.

So while that doesn’t mean I’ll be working on her vandalized home (which is rare to find fitting elements for it) there are still ways for it catch up (such as making flashbacks), such as showing scenes of her getting there, probably without her panties on and her bag filled with nothing but her underwear and some personal items.

Now by personal items what could we make use of? Her ID is one thing and is a pretty common trope to use in these cliches. Some framed pictures is another, though that makes more sense if it was taken from her home, so it has to be a little more meaningful, such as a pic commemorating something like her winning a contest. that takes care of one picture then, now I have to think of another one. Maybe one taken from her graduating from an earlier level of school.


I’m thinking of having a photo album opened up or them poring through her diary.

The basic idea is that whatever’s going to be on that table has to be a sort of odd display of stuff that one can take but one glance and know these are supposed to be things of personal value. ID’s, underwear, trophies, and pictures are currently the ones I can think of.

Hopefully I can come up with more.

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