618 Pixiv and between the Turfs (or why not Both?)

neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4 618th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4





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Kuro’s Events pt.2 and possible switches with Rin


While Kuro’s smaller-scale ecchi events are not as bombastic as Rin’s that doesn’t mean I have to just put her and her partners in a small box and thought of a better way to make use of the scene.

So the ideas I had was either it takes place in the villains’ turf or on her own, both with their merits. Villains’ turf whether it’s in their own school or their magical HQ or their houses means a completely hostile audience i.e. at the mercy of the baddies but at the same time there’s merits to the baddies barging into her turf and doing the bumping uglies in there, probably in front of her friends.

So what I’m currently working on is the room where it takes in and think of what stuff I can put in there. If it’s in Kuro’s turf then we can expect villains to be lounging around like they own the place, rifling through her stuff, sniffing her underwear or swimwear and probably vandalizing the place. Meanwhile in the villain’s turf we can have other girls show up as a way of showing “this’ll happen to you next” or other hostile audience things like groping Kuro and other blatant heckling they can come up with.

Or we can do both. We’ll see.

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11 thoughts on “618 Pixiv and between the Turfs (or why not Both?)”

  1. “Sniffing her underwear”, HAHAHAHAHAHA! That would make a really good gag!
    I like the idea – raiding her fridge, taking her jewelry, writing “SLUT” on her bathroom mirror.

  2. Im proposing extensive Kuro ecchi scenes, let it transpire all over the place. Maybe after her humiliating scene at the baddies lair, they cart her over to her house in some extremely humiliating fashion… the bondage bike ride in happy school comes to mind. Parade her around town strapped to the hood of a car during rush hour traffic getting vibe tortured. Or park outside a large venue as an event is getting over so a quick thousand people walk by to see her bound and spread eagle on the hood of a car and start groping. Or wait, lol, bare with me… Have you ever seen one of those automated sex machines that is a sort of vehicle? Like a bike with a dildo that pumps up through the seat in conjunction with the tires rotating? Or a bondage cart that is being pulled behind a vehicle like a one car parade that has a pumping dildo in thats self automated or also propelled by the rotation of the cart’s tires. Or even something like the bondage unit you had during your Miagi project spaceship thing, I think Rin was in some sort of bondage unit. I’m not sure what cool devices are available in MMD but might make for a good public humiliation scene. Then of course once they arrive at Kuro’s, there is already a crowd of friends and locals waiting her arrival and training, the festivities have only just begun.

    1. That could be it, but for now I wanna focus on smaller, low-key scenes for Kuro while Rin takes the bigger events, then again those suggestions are still on a rather low-key note compared to Rins huge, bombastic setpieces, so it might work.

  3. No updates Tuesday. Gives me an excuse to go back and look at that pencil holder again. Previously known as Rin’s assssss!
    Good God! Did they run out of markers, or did they run out of room? Those villainous girls are having their fun while having their way with her. If their videos go public Rin goes from super hero to super slut.

  4. Once inside the house just show a picture in her room on the dresser or something of her where the guy is going through her pantsu drawer, all the while she’s enduring more hardcore training. Maybe there is a group of friends watching filming with their phones. Or when they arrive, maybe it says Kurotits on the mailbox.

    You know, I remember you mentioning its quite easy to swap characters, by merely loading in a different one. It would be interesting and fantastic to see Rin and Kuro switch roles in this production. A part B, where they are switched, and Rin is getting training while Kuro is getting horse slurmed. Kinda like the many versions of happy scool2, I really enjoyed all those takes its like we got three or four works out of one. This might be a fun take on some productions, where its the same everything just with a different girl. Like I could totally see Kuro starring in the Rin17 job too. I imagine if the body types are the same they would fit into the production line. Then again I know nothing of MMD. Just thoughts, you might not like tarnishing a production made for one, with someone else. Personally I like variety is all so I would watch the same production with a dif girl. Like I could totally See Airin in Rins place too with her big tits like summer party, (I need to watch that again) bouncing on the golden hand, or making the walk of shame and squirting all over the place as she gets her ass slapped. She might look funny when she is being interviewed for her photoshoot with the loli pics, but that might be some of the artistic enjoyment is watching someone fit in someone elses shoes, even comically so. Either way this production is shaping up quite nicely, I would love to see alternate takes if it presents the possibility.

    1. My only real problem with rehashes is that it feels lazy to me, which is why I want to take my time reskinning things and changing the settings and stuff to make it look a little more unique, so no, I’m not really opposed to putting Airin in it, since jiggling boobs are always a welcome addition. All I have to do is change the camera angles and focus and with the help of different sounds and settings it will look very different. As for the interview part it’s easy to change the magazine pics to something else as well.

  5. Gee golly squish, where did all those crayons come from, I mean crayola only puts multiples of 8 in their box, Charles Branson there has like fifty seven, the fuck dude?

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