618 Pixiv and between the Turfs (or why not Both?)

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Kuro’s Events pt.2 and possible switches with Rin


While Kuro’s smaller-scale ecchi events are not as bombastic as Rin’s that doesn’t mean I have to just put her and her partners in a small box and thought of a better way to make use of the scene.

So the ideas I had was either it takes place in the villains’ turf or on her own, both with their merits. Villains’ turf whether it’s in their own school or their magical HQ or their houses means a completely hostile audience i.e. at the mercy of the baddies but at the same time there’s merits to the baddies barging into her turf and doing the bumping uglies in there, probably in front of her friends.

So what I’m currently working on is the room where it takes in and think of what stuff I can put in there. If it’s in Kuro’s turf then we can expect villains to be lounging around like they own the place, rifling through her stuff, sniffing her underwear or swimwear and probably vandalizing the place. Meanwhile in the villain’s turf we can have other girls show up as a way of showing “this’ll happen to you next” or other hostile audience things like groping Kuro and other blatant heckling they can come up with.

Or we can do both. We’ll see.

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