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The Tone Slopes Up then Down Quickly


It’s kinda funny for me that the intro leaves you at the high note of expectation and suddenly the episode starts with Kuro or should I say, Nova Ranger Black (hooray Engrish name generators!) is on the losing end, and probably will have to do some training before she can fight the villains again.

Which kinda reminds me of the all silly tropes you see in anime when there’s a training arc and all the montages they come up with, from punching trees, to doing one-finger handstands on a spike, and meditating underneath a waterfall.

While tempting as it is to just make it La Blue Girl style training to ascend to a much higher level, I kinda like it when there’s a sort of aloofness from Kuro’s would-be trainers. I suppose what I could do is make her training montage not something as blatant as doing down on an eggplant-shaped object but close enough, and it could probably explain why the villainous magical girls are doing all that stuff, maybe because they’re turning to the darkside…the whole “the dark side is cool after all” and stuff.

And that’s it for today’s update, gotta keep it short because I don’t want to spoil too much (and I may or may not have already done so).

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