614th Pixiv and fortifying the Bridges

neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4 614th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4




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Progress Report: Improving the the intro scene laying the first scenes

The teaser video I provided was set as the intro for the project and currently I’m adding some additional short scenes to it in order to fit into the new song I’ve put on it. Once that’s done, next thing will be to decide on how the title card will look.

Which brings to mind what sort of stylistic approach I could use for the scenes I’ve yet to the build; the bridges that connect all the fun stuff together. One idea was to use a comic book approach complete with sound effect words, which would be funny

except they’ll just  end up blocking the screen. Even this scene doesn’t use it. I suppose I could add the action lines for Kuro’s fight scenes post production and just be selective about the sfx words.

Another idea I could use alongside it is to simply build the other scenes as a sort of 3D diorama. The thing of course I that I’ll probably need to backtrack a bit in order to build some consistency if I am actually going to go with the “show it as a comic then close up on a panel, then fade into the animation” approach.

But it could be done…my number one misgiving is that…that’s the style of western styled comics and animation. I’m sure some anime integrate this into their artwork but it’s just the effects and not an actual transition…like you don’t get to see it being shown as a comic book, if that makes any sense. There’s no pan out from a page of a comic then switching to another one.  So making a video that looks like it came from comics will probably not be this one.

What this project should emulate more are the sentai and magical girl shows which it does with how it’s opening sequence and transformation scenes already do. Apart from that, sentai shows regularly show whatever the villains are plotting next, such as building their monster of the week, and when the heroes transform there’s usually closeups of the cool details of their outfit…something that will work very well for Kuro.

Another trope I see is that whenever the monster of the week is getting it’s ass kicked, the bad guys usually do some kind of gimmick to upgrade it in the field, from sending another monster to cast some kind of buff spell, to creating a portal to a dimension where it becomes stronger and pulling the hero(es) into it.

The difference is that in this Project, the villains don’t look like villains, which is not necessarily a bad thing since that means I don’t have to craft an over-the-top bad guy headquarters.

And speaking of bad guys, there’s also the good guys and their own HQ. i already have some scene ideas in order to have more Kuro time.

So that’s basically what I’m working on, the bridges to the fun scenes and of course building more Kuro scenes for everyone to enjoy. Time to get back to work

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