601 Pixiv, and Rear Populations

neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4 601st Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4


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Cleaning up Errors, Populating the Rear View Scenes

I’m not done wrangling with the Front View of Rin’s festive event since I’m still noticing bloopers here and there (such as forgetting to switch on Trace mode; which allows me to select which things can have physics enables and which ones do not). Now I’ve been noticing from previous comments that when I say bloopers most comments seem to suggest that what comes in their minds are outtakes, which do not make sense since that would imply actually crafting such a scene which would entail lots and lots of noisy analogue motions. The amount of energy needed to create the kind of scene is better off in making actualy scenes relevant to the project instead of passing it off as just another “movie in a movie”

Considering that these scenes are pretty much crafted by hand and are merely just polygons moving as the programs dictates, it lacks the necessary sapience to even realize, much less react to any mistakes made. 3D models do not laugh when they realize they’re clipping in places that would not happen in real life, so how one comes up with this conclusion, is simply illogical.

The terminology is not misleading either. Bloopers is the right word.

Now, as for the current progress of the project, there’s a couple of major bloopers that need to be cleared out, which means reshooting the whole scene. By this time I pretty much know which files to load and what sequence. So as of the time of writing (11:20AM GMT) it’s currently being animated again and afterwards I’ll be checking it out in my video editor’s timeline and see how it holds up. (Edit: it does)

Next is populating the rearview scenes. My first Idea was to use the gif/apng crowd, however when they stand in such stark contrast to Kuro and other actual models they really stand out so much.

The one thing going for the rearview scene is that I can keep the camera lens tight on Rin, allowing her to take up a lot of real estate and block of large sections of the screen. Once that’s done, there’s also a lot of testing in a lab file to make sure none of them are swaying too fast or too slow or too much.

I haven’t decided Kuro’s take on the scene if she should look like she’s fuming and wanting to bust out and rescue Rin or sad because she knows she’s safer that way. With that, I’ll work on the other models first, which also means crafting custom models, but hopefully not too much.

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